Shinbou Month: Yuuwaku (2003)Leave a Comment on Shinbou Month: Yuuwaku (2003)

Shinbou’s 5th: Easily the best work he’s done, Yuuwaku could definite have a spot on my top hentai of all time for the look, animation, and quality. Just a beautifully done hentai.

And there’s pee!

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Spotlight: bigrbearLeave a Comment on Spotlight: bigrbear

Now, it’s been a long time since I bothered posting an Ero Artist Spotlight, but I felt that I had run across a criminally underappreciated artist and that it was my job to do whatever I could to get this talent out to the world. Today we’re going to be taking a look at some of the work by Taiwan’s extremely talented bigrbear. It’s rare to see someone this capable with so few followers on all the various social media platforms, but here we are. No idea who he slipped through the cracks, but maybe I can do a little to rectify that.

All the art will be after the fold, so if you’re looking at this from the front page, click on through. I promise it’s worth your time. And please be sure to give bigrbear a follow on Twitter and pixiv and give his Patreon a look. Alright, on with the art.

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Spook Month 2019: Kurohime: Shikkoku no Yakata (2002)Leave a Comment on Spook Month 2019: Kurohime: Shikkoku no Yakata (2002)

Welp, it’s time for the 2002 hentai Kurohime: Shikkoku no Yakata. Rule one of being a team of mystery solving homosexuals is to go into any and all European mansions you find in the Japanese countryside.

Kurohime: Shikkoku no Yakata – ⊲ Show
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The Top 3 Bakuretsu Tenshi Hentai Doujin4 Comments on The Top 3 Bakuretsu Tenshi Hentai Doujin

Cyberpunk Month! I figured I’d do a mild theme this month, since that seems fun and it’ll give me an excuse to point out some cyberpunk anime that I enjoy. Also we’re doing Thankful Month with the theatres, so why not? That said, it might not make it the full month because the shows I wanted to do are proving to be pretty light on doujin.

So let’s take a look at an anime that didn’t get enough attention by my estimation, and the character designer is far and away one of my favorite artists, Hakua Ugetsu. That show is Bakuretsu Tenshi, released outside of Japan as Burst Angel. It’s a fantastic show with a fun premise, some great creators working on it, and a super interesting setting. Sadly, this hasn’t translated into a glut of erodoujin. It coming out in 2004 might have something to do with it, but I’ll still be sad about it.

But hey! Even though pickings are slim, let’s see what the perverts can do with it!

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Onii-chan Radio #32: Now With More Teens!9 Comments on Onii-chan Radio #32: Now With More Teens!

That’s right kids! Onii-chan Radios back! Now with more hot barely legal teens! Oh man, that’s going to attract all the wrong kinds of spam bots. … Ah well.

Finally got around to answering a month and a half worth of questions and buy howdy is my voice under duress. You guys… you guys and your questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS! WHY DO I DO THIS?! Oh well, send some more and we’ll do it all over again in a while. Good times.

Also, there’s no yuri, I just felt like clicking that category.

Onii-chan Theatre: Very Little Cooking For A Cooking Show11 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: Very Little Cooking For A Cooking Show

Holy cuntfucks! It’s a new Onii-chan Theatre! I bet you guys peed a little! I know I did. I peed so fucking hard. Well enough bullshit from me, let’s get into this fucking thing. It’s about crazy lesbians who eat kids or something. Fucked if I know.

WAIT! One more thing. … … Not really. Watch the video.

OH RIGHT! Small note, it seems to get with in Media Player Classic (for me at least) so if it doesn’t work in that… just watch it in something else.

Onii-chan Theatre: I Will Not Apologize For This19 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: I Will Not Apologize For This

I think today has a wholly apt title. Lots of terrible jokes, lots of blatant racism, and I pick on Canada. If you don’t like racism, I suggest you watch it so you can be maybe mildly offended. Or whatever. And to my Canadians readers, I love you guys. Really dug the opening ceremonies. Maybe I will move to Vancouver. Then we can all have snacks.

Other than that, it’s a pretty good episode of stuff. We watch Rei Rei. It’s a good time. Man… I’m just trying to fill a little bit of space to try to make it look like I’m not being lazy or paying attention. Honestly, it’s a fairly inexplicable episode of something that is really a rough approximation an eroanime… but it’s low in cholesterol and there are lesbians.

Hump Day Doujin: Tokeau Onna no KotachiLeave a Comment on Hump Day Doujin: Tokeau Onna no Kotachi

This one goes out to all the ladies… especially the ladies at lolilicious. The site just opened and I’d like to welcome any of their readership that also reads Onii-chan. In honor of ladies liking loli, which I find both interesting and wonderful at the same time, I promised I’d feature a loli-rific doujin for tonight’s Hump Day Doujin. This will also be popping our no-upload cherry and our link you to affordably priced doujin cherry. Virgin deflowerings abound, I bring you Ren-Ai Mangaka’s Tokeau Onna no Kotachi.

Now, the first thing you’re going to notice about this is the red, black, and white coloring of the pages. Now, you might think that this would be a bit caustic on the eyes, but having read through a couple of red doujinshi on my day, I actually find that the opposite is true. I mean, you’re going to see it your own way, but personally, I like it. The second thing that you will notice, well, second thing because of the red coloring, to go in order for this article’s sake, is that the crotches and nipples really take on a lot different feel. I’m thinking that this is because they come closer to what we expect these areas to look like in full color. The third color really brings that extra later of depth that I think a lot of doujin could benefit from, but it likely tacks a bit onto the cost. But enough about that. Moving on! It caught my eye that the art work in here, which again, is top notch(I ain’t postin’ no shit), looks a lot like Suzumiya Haruhi’s art work. I mean, maybe I am seeing another series and thinking of Haruhi incorrectly, but whatever. One of the reasons I mention this is because Tokeau Onna no Kotachi is based off of the Type-Moon AWESOMENESS known as Shingetsutan Tsukihime. While the artist that did this work certainly drew it in his own style, as opposed to the Type Moon style, it is not at all a detraction. This is something that, with a lesser artist, would have likely caused a big problem for me, seeing as I love the characters in Tsukihime. It’s worth mentioning, as well, that this is not a story heavy piece of work. It’s pretty straight forward with a few classy comedy bits that made me laugh. If you pick up a copy, you can except to see some high quality loli, a bit of bondage (as in, just tied to a chair) some forced sexy and a general harem orgy. It’s a good piece of work, and here are a pair of pages to prove it. The purchase link goes to Mandarake, I should say. I get no comission from a purchase, and it’s fairly priced (took a bit of looking to find a good place). So please consider purchasing a copy to support the artists and a good doujin shipping company. I will be doing two full pages as a preview from now on to help the purchasing decision. And the prices will be given in yen and US dollars at the time.

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