Onii-chan Theatre: Yule 2018 Day Three4 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: Yule 2018 Day Three

Day three is a non-stop blast of joshikousei. No idea how you’re even supposed to wank to this, honestly. It’s so fast. Everything just keeps blasting by.

But that’s fine. Odin’s one eye is looking down on you, so do your best.

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Onii-chan Theatre: Thankful For Dinosaurs9 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: Thankful For Dinosaurs

The end of Thankful Month. Thanks, T-Rex for putting out a perfectly serviceable hentai that handles fucking your sister with tact and aplomb.

Share the spirit, guys. And the link. It’s the holiday season.

Speaking of which: Onii-chan Yuletide Extravaganza is coming back this year for the first time in a long time. That’s a new Theater every single day for nine days to bring glory to the name of the greatest Yule being, Odin, the Allfather. It’s going to run from December 24th through New Years Day and it promises to bring in good fortune in the new year. So look forward to it!

That being said, there won’t be normal Friday episodes in December up until the 24th because of the massive bundle of presents you’ll be receiving.

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Onii-chan Theatre: Grease Me Up5 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: Grease Me Up

Welp, he did it again.

He came back again.

And you know what? I think Onii-chan might be needed now more than ever. In a world gone mad, who else can calmly explain why jerking off to drawings of a four year old with a dick who shoots milk our of her giant nipples is fine?

Maybe I will. Maybe Patreon will set us free. We’ll see.

VIDEO NOTE: Sorry about the sound. Levels were a little bit out of whack. I got that fixed up. Should be fine in the future.

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