Onii-chan Theatre: Yule 2018 Day Seven

Queen Bee always deserves a spot at the feasting table. And so here it is, maybe the laziest Queen Bee effort they’ve produced to date. I feel like it can get worse. I feel like this isn’t even rock bottom. I hope I’m right.

Tell you family about me. Do it.

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Onii-chan Theatre: The Amazing, Disappearing Armpit Hair

How low will QueenBee sink? We may never know. But certainly there are some magical moments in their adaptation of Monorino’s eromanga Tinderbox.

And by magical moments, I mean awful trainwrecks in slow motion. Live2D abuse should be outlawed by an international tribunal or something. Clearly it’s the only way to stop them now.

But hey! This one is super consensual, so at least they’ve got that going. Now be consensual and share this video.

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Onii-chan Theatre: A New Low

Well… Queen Bee went and did it. They plumb the lower depths of quality in a way I thought would end up going to some other member of the Lazy-Warps-As-Animation Brigade.

Hasan de Ageru is honestly an embarrassment to the manga it comes from and to the idea of eroanime as a whole. Legitimately, there was so much horrible work in this I couldn’t keep up. Wow. And I checked the price. ?3,354. Wow.

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Onii-chan Theatre: Inconsistent Tit

Turns out it was another one of those trace-a-scene-from-the-manga and then Live2D it anime. Nee… shiyo. Woof.

Honestly, while they’re pretty funny, I’m annoyed they exist and that they’re charging money for them. (3,488? on DMM) Considering it only has one 1? rating, other people aren’t crazy about it either.

Whatever, Patreon, etc, etc.