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I wanted to do a review of some clicker/idler games, but I realized fairly quickly that the substance most of them had to offer didn’t give me a ton to talk about. As a result, I’m just going to do smaller reviews of all Nutaku’s clicker games from worst to best.

There’s a sort of balance to good clicker games that makes itself fairly apparent. You’re supposed to be willing and able to step away from them for periods of time to allow things to build up, and when you come back, you should be able to do SOMETHING. That coupled with an hour or two ramp up at the beginning of the game with stuff to do typify the genre and the best entries make this basically rewarding and engaging.

Essentially, these are games to come back to over the course of the day and then less and less over time. This leads to one of the common downfalls of the type and that’s the massive reduction in reward as you go along and the depreciating reasons to bother returning. That tends to incentivize some questionable gimping of later stages to get people to buy boosts, but that’s somewhat expected. Now, since I spent way more of my life playing these than I’m happy with, let’s get to reviewing.

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