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This is a quick, simple Good End Guide/Walkthrough for Sweet Dream Succubus.

The guide doesn’t list every single option, just click when you see the right thing.

This does NOT show you the most content, only gets you to the good ending in one piece. Some of these answers might not matter, but they’re included for just in case.

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ALWAYS SHOWER. This is life advice.

Loop 1, Day 1

Chill Out
Be Productive
Cum in the Toy
Do Not Sign

Loop 1, Day 2

Go to Library
Study Alone
Read All Books
Cum Outside

Loop 1, Day 3

Take a Shower
Observe Phone
Go to Convention
Grab Ticket
Interact With People
I wish I hadn’t Run into You
Cum Outside

SLEEP TIME! SHAKE IT OFF, SHAKE IT OFF (Don’t let haters get you off your grind.)

Loop 2, Day 1

Chill Out
Be Productive
Pay Attention
Cum in the Toy
Do Not Sign

Loop 2, Day 2

Go To Church
Observe Shady Guy
Talk to Shady Guy
Find a Priest
Tell Him About The Events
Concentrate, Damnit
Cum On Her Face

Loop 2, Day 3

Hang with Friends
Go To Hotel
Interact With People
I Wish I hadn’t Run into You
Cum Outside
Submit to Her
Cum Outside


Vitality Being Drained
A Succubus


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