Onii-chan Theatre: No Monsters At All5 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: No Monsters At All

You ever make a stupid mistranslation because you’re recording 5 Onii-chan Theatre’s back to back?

Yeah, happened to me.

You ever also remember AFTER the porno that Mercury has an exceedingly long day, ruining your astronomy joke thoroughly?

So the proper title of this is BakuAne which is more like Exposed Sisters, but I sort of threw my brain out for a minute while rushing and decided it was Monster(Bake) Sisters.

I’m a moron. Let’s not talk about it.

Whatever, it’s a good one.

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Onii-chan Theatre: Questionable Spider Anatomy6 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: Questionable Spider Anatomy

Welp… holy shit.

Pink Pineapple, I love you. I really do.

Shikkoku no Shaga this time. It’s… it’s some kind of amazing.

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Onii-chan Theatre: What Could Have Been4 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: What Could Have Been

This week, we learn of the tragedy of a hentai that stood at the edge of greatness, peered over, and backed away a coward.


Also, let’s all enjoy this image which was the work off two classy guys working together:
see space pubes

Onii-chan Theatre: Like Memento, But Porn6 Comments on Onii-chan Theatre: Like Memento, But Porn

Seriously, I can only really guess as to what exactly I’m missing here since I cover the sound up pretty much entirely. Fuck sake, just… sex finally happens anyway.

You know, I thought “Let’s watch a fun, happy porn this week.” and this is the price I pay for my non-rape hubris.

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