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I’m officially branding Deadman Wonderland as a cyberpunk book. Fuck you, you can’t tell me how to live. It’s got everything. Freaky robots, weird shit, a dystopia. It counts. Leave me alone. I needed four and I refused to do Ghost in the Shell or Appleseed. I GAVE YOU YOUR POINT OF FLESH, SHIROW! I EVEN TYPED YOUR NAME WITH A W, YOU POMPOUS ASS!

Okay, that’s enough flailing. We’re doing Deadman Wonderland. There are only four doujin in existence that I am aware of at all for the book and all four of them are erodoujin. That’s good luck for me. If you’ve never seen the show or read the manga, I thoroughly recommend either of them… or both. It’s a good time with some great art.

Still, since I’ve managed to narrowly squeeze my way through this month that I arbitrarily saddled myself with as a challenge, I feel triumphant. I am the king of all things. Worship me. Let’s read some porn.

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Onii-chan Theatre: A Horror-Comedy4 Commentson Onii-chan Theatre: A Horror-Comedy

It’s a little early but, this is our Halloween Special. I was told to watch Kyuuketsuki ep.2 by a lot of people. I did.

I have very, very little to say about it. You’ll see.

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Onii-chan Theatre: Unappetizing Pie Crusts2 Commentson Onii-chan Theatre: Unappetizing Pie Crusts

I’ve seen a lot of buttholes in my day, honestly. A lot. But their mysterious power has always eluded me. Thankfully, Valkyria put together Kyuuketsuki to help me understand the deeper powers of the butthole.

A lot of confusing things about this show. Still, it was a good time.

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