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Watch Me On Twitch

Hey guys, a link first. And then a little update, because those are fun. I will never forget OCnE. So don’t worry about that. Problem is, rent costs money and I can’t monetize OCnE in any way due to the nature of the stuff on the site and everything. SO! I’m streaming on Twitch. If you dig video games, come over, hang out. It’s mostly PUBG (AT THE MOMENT), but I’ll be playing all sorts of shit (Nekopara, stuff I’ll make fun of, all that) so come on over and watch. When my financial situation is a bit more stable and I have free time, I’ll get back to making Onii-chan Theatre videos and stuff. THAT’S A PROMISE! ONII-CHAN IS IMMORTAL, AFTER ALL! HA-HA-HA-HA!

I’m Not Dead, But These Zombies Are… Sort Of 7

WELL! Looks who isn’t dead. It’s me! I’m not dead. Also, I will do a new podcast this weekend sometime. Maybe an Onii-chan Theatre as well. “But what will I do in the meantime,” you ask?! WELL I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! I’ve been working on a zombie story and I figure you lot might like to take a look at it. Please do enjoy it. It’s called The Days After. That link’ll take you to the first part, good times.

MangaGamers Will Not Censor Soul Link 1

Good news for the world of officially translated eroge. MangaGamers has decided not to remove CGs from Soul Link. That’s right kids. Finally a company willing to stand up to the man. Haha. Or something like that. Whatever. I’m happy about it, I’ve got to say. However, I feel like it’s something that will slip under the radar of the sort of people to look to make a legal case out of this sort of thing. Sadly, there wasn’t anything except a wuthering faggot around when Kodomo no Jikan was set for US release… but that’s in the past and I’m trying to look past it. On a semi-related note, I recently picked up Seishun Binta, one of Watashiya Kaworu’s earlier works. Great book. Hilarious, lots of sexy stuff. Good times. Also, sorry for the delay in podcasts and the like. Due to some fairly major HDD failures I don’t have access to the shit I need to put them together and won’t until after Christmas. Still! In the interests of making up for that, I plan to do something a little special when I get all that shit back. So look forward to it.

The Design Is Live 10

Maybe the slower among you hadn’t noticed yet, but hey, it’s all gravy. Yes sir, the new layout is up and running, and there’s still some shit for me to get done, but in the mean time, I think this is good enough. Obviously gotta fix the way the forum looks, but still, it’s operable. That forum is a pain in the ass to edit. Oh, and the top area on the main page will be more useful when I have more writers. So, in the next week or so. And I know the Onii-chan Theatre pages don’t look like the thingy from before… yet. Like I said, I still have some stuff to do. But that shit ugly brown thing had to go. IT HAD TO GO! But that’s fine! Also, some users have reported having issues with the flash players loading for videos and podcasts. I wanted to point out that there is a bug in the newest Flash player that causes this in Firefox, but you can still download shit fine, and the players will load if you click the spot they SHOULD be a couple of times. Hope you guys dig the new theme!

The New Layout 15

Well, I just finished the mockups for the new layout and I figured I’d share it with you lazy slutbutts. You wanna see it?! DO YOU?! EH?! FINE! BUNCHA JERKS! Here it comes, hot into your sexy meat tubes. Front Page Mockup Video Page Mockup (for things like Theatre and other videos) So what do you think? Eh? I’ll put up a fucking poll! [poll id=”2″] If you don’t like it… or you do, please let me know what you think in the comments as well. And sign up and get yourself some points for commenting!

Onii-chan Explains: Maintaining Perspective 10

Well, I said I was going to do this silly series about 800 years ago, so here’s the first episode. Consider it a quick primer on Maintaining Perspective in a world full of prefabricated ideals and open biases. Critical Thinking is a major part of what I’m discussing here, so give it a listen and hopefully it’ll in some way be useful to you. Also, still looking for people to help grow the site. There’s lots of things that’d be worth doing around this joint, like community building and stuff like that, so if you’d like to be a part of OCnE in some way, be it blogging, helping come up with some fun community ideas, or whatever, please hit the Ask Onii-chan page and shoot me an e-mail so we can begin talking about it. I have some pretty cool ideas for community stuff, and it’d be good to have some folks to back me up. Haha. Oh and as an aside, I’d especially like to get some female participation for the podcast. A female voice would really add some interesting outlooks to the bullshit I talk about. If you’re a dude, please don’t let my want of lady […]


Onii-chan Theatre: Suteshi’s Mom Has Got It Going On 7

What a hilarious title. HILARIOUS, DAMNIT! Today we go into an eroanime so painstakingly nondescript that I am not even really clear as to who is fucking whom until about two-thirds of the way through. Not too shabby. Also, I casually mention at the end that I might be looking for some people to write stuff for the site. If you think you’re funny and you think you can put together coherent piece of writing every two weeks, please do shoot me a line via the Ask Onii-chan page. And yes, I am going to redesign this motherfucker to be custom and have some extra special features and some extra community shit. Until then, enjoy this new episode. Oh also got the initial episode of Onii-chan Explains coming up in a few days… unless I can think of a better name for it.

AnimeExpo 2009 Swag 4

Hey guys! I forgot to post this ages ago. I got stuff at AnimeExpo. Here’s links to pictures of the lot of it. Going to do an Onii-chan Radio tomorrow… well, later today. Yeah buddy. Gonna answer some pressing questions. You better believe it.

Alaskan Politicians Threatening Loli 6

I don’t have anything prepped for this week, so I’m just going to let it slide past and put together another Onii-chan Theatre for next week. Hope you don’t mind. Been a drought of stuff to review and the willpower to get it done. But that’s fine, I’ll get back around to it soon enough. However, in the mean time, if you’re from Alaska, or just a concerned lover of free speech, please be sure to educate yourselves about the proposed anti-loli state-level law put forward by some douchebag up there. I’ve sent an e-mail to the ACLU of Alaska and hopefully they’ll get on this thing sooner rather than later, but that remains to be seen. Still, if you want to help out, especially if you’re an ACLU member in Alaska, please shoot them an e-mail and let them know about what’s happening and that you’d like to see them get on this as quickly as possible. The PROTECT Act is a bad enough slap in the face of civil liberties without things starting to get this way on the state level. Especially when there is legal precedence on our side put forth by a state level judge as […]

Sickness has Many Names 6

And in my case it was persistent cough. Didn’t expect to see me back, did you fuckers? HA! Happy Thursday, or Friday for those of you who are in the wrong part of the world. Hello, my dear sexfiends. A combination of things has kept me from updating. Firstly, life get in the way for a few weeks there. I was quite busy with some things such as finishing up a screenplay and taking care of some other general shit that just took a while to complete. A portfolio design, some logo work, shit like that. I’m still not done with any of that (aside from the sscreenplay), but that’s where the second bit of bullshit comes in. For the past month, I’ve had a chronic cough. I’m still not entirely over it, but I feel like I’m close enough to being over it that it’s worthwhile for me to post and say that I’ll be returning to recording shit sometime pretty soon. So don’t give up on me. I am thinking that my next podcast will be an all Ask Onii-chan podcast since Simon and Peter decided they hate me and no longer want me to have their porn. […]