New Patron-Only Content AddedLeave a Comment on New Patron-Only Content Added

Just in case people don’t follow me there or in Discord, I wanted to let you guys know the Christmas Patron-only content was posted today.

Also, Yule starts on the 24th, so look forward to that. And there was something else but I forgot…

OH RIGHT! The livestream tomorrow. I’ll be doing the first Onii-chan no Game in a while tomorrow, live probably in the early afternoon PST. Discord’s the easiest way to be informed, but I’ll post it up here as well. ALRIGHT! That’s it.

Though it looks like there might be minor issues with the live streaming site, so I’ll be fixing those tonight.

Consider supporting the site and that’s it.

New Layout and Minor Health UpdatesLeave a Comment on New Layout and Minor Health Updates

Hey, gays!

I decided that I was sick of the janky current state of the site so I decided it was high time I went and did a new theme. Or at least, edited the parts of the theme that weren’t serving their purposes as cleanly as I felt they could.

So, in spite of being crippled by B12 deficiency, I’ve updated thing! Hope you dig ’em. If you see any issues, comment here or hit me up on the Discord.

ALSO! Just some updates on my health. The B12 thing is hitting me a bit harder than I had expected and some days I’m really struggling to get much of anything done with how dizzy and weird it ends up making me feel. I’ll keep from going into too much detail about it for the time being since these shots I’m getting are supposed to help out, but I’ll keep Theatre’s going and I’d like to do another Radio at some point soon.

Alright! That’s all for now. Link me some good porn or something.

Ask Onii-chan’s Back Open2 Comments on Ask Onii-chan’s Back Open

Hello sir or madam,

I re-added the Ask Onii-chan mail form. You can send me questions again, just like the old days. People tend to send hentai/fetish questions and shit like that, but ask literally whatever you want and once I get a couple, I’ll dump them into a podcast type thing and answer them. If submissions are slow, I might answer them in a bit more timely manner in text posts.

EDIT: If you’re not American, you can comment now. I accidentally left some things running that shouldn’t have been.

I’m Back. And There’s a Patreon.2 Comments on I’m Back. And There’s a Patreon.

Beggars, right?

Bunch of cunts, if you ask me.

Check out my Patreon for more thoughts on this subject:

Alright, with that joke out of the way… Onii-chan’s never been the begging kind. You guys know that. I’ve never once put ads on this site. I never will. But I want to talk about the stuff I used to talk about on here. I want to be free to discuss the things that feel like they’ve become taboo again. Or things that aren’t being talked about in a frank, honest manner.

A lot of it is self-serving talk meant to prop up things people already agree with without proper consideration and as a pervert, I won’t stand for it. Proper consideration is how we understand who we are.

As such, here I am. Starting a Patreon. Planning Onii-chan Theatre episodes. Doing all that stuff. And if you want to help, please do. I posted a content schedule over at the Patreon. I’ll be doing this stuff alongside my Twitch streaming and game reviews (when appropriate). And I’m in the process of setting up a server so I can play visual novels and other not-easy-to-broadcast games and stream them direct from OCnE. We’ll see if I can get it worked out.

I’d like to get podcasts back in as well. We’ll work on it.

Watch Me On TwitchLeave a Comment on Watch Me On Twitch

Hey guys, a link first.

And then a little update, because those are fun. I will never forget OCnE. So don’t worry about that. Problem is, rent costs money and I can’t monetize OCnE in any way due to the nature of the stuff on the site and everything.

SO! I’m streaming on Twitch. If you dig video games, come over, hang out. It’s mostly PUBG (AT THE MOMENT), but I’ll be playing all sorts of shit (Nekopara, stuff I’ll make fun of, all that) so come on over and watch.

When my financial situation is a bit more stable and I have free time, I’ll get back to making Onii-chan Theatre videos and stuff. THAT’S A PROMISE! ONII-CHAN IS IMMORTAL, AFTER ALL! HA-HA-HA-HA!

I’m Not Dead, But These Zombies Are… Sort Of7 Comments on I’m Not Dead, But These Zombies Are… Sort Of

WELL! Looks who isn’t dead. It’s me! I’m not dead. Also, I will do a new podcast this weekend sometime. Maybe an Onii-chan Theatre as well.

“But what will I do in the meantime,” you ask?! WELL I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! I’ve been working on a zombie story and I figure you lot might like to take a look at it. Please do enjoy it.

It’s called The Days After.

That link’ll take you to the first part, good times.

MangaGamers Will Not Censor Soul Link1 Comment on MangaGamers Will Not Censor Soul Link

Good news for the world of officially translated eroge. MangaGamers has decided not to remove CGs from Soul Link. That’s right kids. Finally a company willing to stand up to the man. Haha. Or something like that.

Whatever. I’m happy about it, I’ve got to say. However, I feel like it’s something that will slip under the radar of the sort of people to look to make a legal case out of this sort of thing. Sadly, there wasn’t anything except a wuthering faggot around when Kodomo no Jikan was set for US release… but that’s in the past and I’m trying to look past it. On a semi-related note, I recently picked up Seishun Binta, one of Watashiya Kaworu’s earlier works. Great book. Hilarious, lots of sexy stuff. Good times.

Also, sorry for the delay in podcasts and the like. Due to some fairly major HDD failures I don’t have access to the shit I need to put them together and won’t until after Christmas. Still! In the interests of making up for that, I plan to do something a little special when I get all that shit back. So look forward to it.

The Design Is Live10 Comments on The Design Is Live

Maybe the slower among you hadn’t noticed yet, but hey, it’s all gravy. Yes sir, the new layout is up and running, and there’s still some shit for me to get done, but in the mean time, I think this is good enough. Obviously gotta fix the way the forum looks, but still, it’s operable. That forum is a pain in the ass to edit.

Oh, and the top area on the main page will be more useful when I have more writers. So, in the next week or so. And I know the Onii-chan Theatre pages don’t look like the thingy from before… yet. Like I said, I still have some stuff to do. But that shit ugly brown thing had to go. IT HAD TO GO!

But that’s fine! Also, some users have reported having issues with the flash players loading for videos and podcasts. I wanted to point out that there is a bug in the newest Flash player that causes this in Firefox, but you can still download shit fine, and the players will load if you click the spot they SHOULD be a couple of times.

Hope you guys dig the new theme!

The New Layout15 Comments on The New Layout

Well, I just finished the mockups for the new layout and I figured I’d share it with you lazy slutbutts. You wanna see it?! DO YOU?! EH?! FINE! BUNCHA JERKS! Here it comes, hot into your sexy meat tubes.

Front Page Mockup

Video Page Mockup (for things like Theatre and other videos)

So what do you think? Eh? I’ll put up a fucking poll!

[poll id=”2″]

If you don’t like it… or you do, please let me know what you think in the comments as well. And sign up and get yourself some points for commenting!

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