Mischif no Snark: Bang A Gong 3

Oh, I bet you weren’t expecting me back so soon! That’s right, Mischif no Snark [Ed. Note: Mischif who is decidedly not Onii-chan. Different people, guys.] is back without taking another twenty-seven-week hiatus! I’ve come across some more awesomeful doujins along my quest to fap to every piece of Twilight/Naruto fanfiction on the internets, and I’m sharing them here with you.

Onii-chan Radio: Mirror Neurons Are Neat 17

Okay, first podcast in two months and the size shows it. Plenty of great questions and a review of Icarus Publishing’s Cheerful Eros Project led to an sexy good time for the whole family. I cover a wide variety of subjects in this week’s Ask Onii-chan section and it ends up taking like an hour to cover all the stuff you guys sent over the past two months. But hey! Since I am back on top of things, please do send more questions. Anyway, this podcast was fun times, so I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Well! That’s enough chit-chat. It’s get it going. UPDATE: Having talked with Simon, he made it clear that the changes made to the book were made out of fear of reprisal from the US government and it’s army of fluttering sphincters. The people to blame for these edits are the US government and prudes everywhere. I’d honestly say the best thing you can do is buy the damn book. Help keep people who are willing to publish eromanga in English in business so we have someone to help in the fight against censorship. I mean it earnestly, guys. We love this stuff […]

Onii-chan Radio: I Read You 12

Yeah buddy. Life’s good. Livin’ large. Really? No. But that’s fine. Let’s get on with it! The first fucking Onii-chan Radio in a while. What’d we talk about? Life, love, and girls with penises. It’s a can’t miss episode guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat for the full 90 ridiculous fucking minutes can’t anyone shut this asshole up? For the love of god. So what’d I review? Only Icarus Publishing’s latest book: Read Me. I can’t exactly link the store entry because Simon is a lazy cunt who’s not got it up on his site yet. But please do go out and get yourself a copy. It’s well worth it. What else was I going to talk about? Fuck, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ve already run on for 90 minutes in the podcast proper, so I’ll see you fuckers in a week, eh? Oh right, I was going to link the Lawrence Krauss talk discussed in the podcast. Please do enjoy it.

Mischif no Snark: Love Assistant & MUFS 2

Hello, hello my esteemed readers; happy to see me again? You are? I know you’re lying and you were hoping this was a new Onii-Chan Theatre, but I appreciate the thought. Anyspunk, welcome to another edition of Mischif no Snark! Just an FYI, I will be changing the name of these segments sometime soon, the current one was only supposed to be a working title until someone (*cough*) posted it early. But anyway, that’s not what you’re here for, you’re here to see me rip on some shitty eromanga, right? Right! So let me just dive in this bitch like the cunning linguist I am:

Mischif no Snark: Upskirt Mama & Little Brother Junkie 5

Hello all you perverts and pervettes! Ah who am I kidding, no girls read this blog. Anyway – I’m Jeremy, but you can call me Mischif, and I’m a new writer for Onii-chan no Ecchi! I’ve been lurking here and there for about six months or so, commenting every now and again, and when Randall sent out a call for new contributors, I jumped all over it. Now I’m here, and I hope you don’t mind if I write some stuff for you guys. Anyway, I was wracking my brain trying to think of something really nice to write about, and in the end I decided to take a page from Randall’s book and snark about something, and it just so happened that I managed to come across two doujins that are prime and ready to be snarked – to hold onto something as we delve into what I’m going to call “Mischif no Snark”.

Onii-chan Radio: Places You Shouldn’t Smell 8

I can actually promise you that, being as this is an audio file, you will not see any poop this week. So have no fear! This week I answer a bunch of fun questions and talk about Icarus Publishing’s new book Scarlet Desire. Nothing in the book is red, but whatever. That’s not really important right now. Anyway, please do keep sending good questions and enjoy the podcast.

Onii-chan Radio: She Doesn’t Seem So Cursed To Me 10

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well. That’s too many wells… Ok let’s reign this description in and get on with shit. This week there’s a SPECIAL SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT! And we review the Icarus Publishing title The Girl With A Thousand Curses. WHICH Simon does not have on his web store, so check your local retailers. So enjoy the podcast and do go find a copy. Oh, and I said that it was released in April but it actually came out in June due to some delays in the printing process so Icarus could make it look nicer. Looks like they just didn’t update the back bit, I guess? Whatever, doesn’t matter! Enjoy the podcast. Note: Sound goes a bit wonky at 23:13 for a minute or two due to issues with my soundcard. Apologies about that, not much I can do to fix it at the moment. I’ll get a new mic/soundcard at some point in the future.

Onii-chan Radio: Even if She Really is a Chicken 9

I’m sure the title has you scared, but don’t worry lost sheep. I WILL GUIDE YOU BACK TO A PLACE WHERE THE FIELDS ARE GREEN! That is to say, this week we discuss such far ranging topics as artificial intelligence, my preference in which butts to sex (partially true), and Anime Expo. All that AND a review of Shoujo Material? How does he find the time to do this, you ask? Why is this podcast like… four days late, I hear you cry? Stop being so fucking nosy. Also! New, slightly higher quality encoding just because I felt like it. Only slightly, though. Don’t cream the jeans. Enjoy.