Honoo no Haramase Oppai7 Comments on Honoo no Haramase Oppai

What’s better than technology? Giant milk titties. And what’s better than giant milk titties? Giant milk titties controlled by technology!

Man, the future is a bright one. A bright, beaming future where the animation is decent and the sex is nearly constant.

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Harumi-chan no Oita3 Comments on Harumi-chan no Oita

You ever get high on mescaline and make an anime about a loli home invasion? Well, the guys who made Harumi-chan no Oita did.

Presumably then they disappeared forever. Honestly, I’d love to know if the audio issues were in the original release. I want to believe they were.

It was Pancakes who recommended this. My apologies to John, who recommended the one that’s coming up in two weeks.

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Denki Musou Hana4 Comments on Denki Musou Hana

I forgot to write a new description for this episode because, frankly, I was trying to avoid having to talk about it. Denki Musou Hana is another one of those scrapes at the bottom of the barrel that make me genuinely confused as to how they got made. I’m not sure how it’s for, even though I was so excited for a uniquely styled cyberpunk type of show based on advertising material.

The lies. SO MANY LIES!

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Classic: Cream Lemon: Be My Baby (1984)Leave a Comment on Classic: Cream Lemon: Be My Baby (1984)

Time for this month’s classic. This time it’s the second ever hentai OVA, the first being a Patron Only deal. Cream Lemon’s a long running hentai OVA series and the first one comes out of the gate swinging with some classic good times involving childhood trauma and incest. A stunning combination.

Anyway, if you like what I do, of course you do. Idiot. Give me money and share the site.

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Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite Kawaru4 Comments on Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite Kawaru

One of the lowest rated modern hentai I could find. Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite Kawaru is based on what looks like a fairly competently made visual novel. Sadly, the show does not boast such a quality standard. But hey! On the plus side, it basically fails to deliver nearly everything promised in the name of the show, so that’s a positive.

Go share the site so I can have enough attention to finally be struck from the internet for good.

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Makai Kishi Ingrid: RE – Mesu Buta Dorei ni Ochita Makai Kishi2 Comments on Makai Kishi Ingrid: RE – Mesu Buta Dorei ni Ochita Makai Kishi

Switching up how the titles work, largely for SEO purposes. If that makes you sad, please blame google.

Anyway, this time it’s Makai Kishi Ingrid: RE – Mesu Buta Dorei ni Ochita Makai Kishi. I didn’t see even the slightest hint of magic, knightly duties, or anything remotely similar to either. Plenty of pig slave stuff though, so I guess that’s at least not false advertising.

One of the two two-star reviews was complaining that the toe sucking part was too short. So take that for what it’s worth.

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