machinations of erotism

Mini-Machinations: Corruption and Attractive People 2

So, I wrote a giant fucking comment in response to Ritchan (which was triggered by my talking briefly about why I think ugly dudes show up so often in eroanime) and I figured I might as well post it up proper so people can see what I was talking about since it’s like… kinda long. Here’s his comment for clarity: Ritchan: Hey Randall, you make some good points. But would a person who imagines themselves as more attractive than they are watch porn? As an “attractive” person, shouldn’t the person exclude himself from the porn-watching segment? Only when his pride breaks and he sees himself in the mirror do these types of people sit down and watch other people getting it on. I mean, people in denial. I suppose you could relate this to your guest blog “Your Mom and La Blue Girl: BFF”. Naaah, see. Ok, sex is a base instinct. Arousal and so on are common to all humans, but familiarity with that sort of thing basically just means you’re more willing to be turned on by various types of stuff. That has very little to do with the baseline enjoyment that we derive from viewing pornography or […]

The Machinations of Erotism: Jealousy (or Moritheil is a Giant Idiot) 5

… Anyway, a little background on what I’m about to go into here. In the manga Kannagi, it is suggest Nagi, the main chick, has fucked before. This sent a rash of ridiculous blog and 2ch posts rippling throughout the internet and since my thumb is ever on the pulse of inane bullshit, I’m posting about a reply post about a bunch of reply posts they I can only assume took place sometime around the end of World War II. For those of you who didn’t follow along, I’m saying that I couldn’t give a shit less about whether Nagi has fucked for three reasons. The first, she’s a drawing. The second, I’m sane. The third, she’s not a very good character to begin with.

Machinations 2: Lolilectric Boogaloo

Your browser does not support the audio element. Well, I finally caved to the homosexual overlords and did a podcast about the machinations of lolis. It wasn’t so bad, I think I made it through with relatively little scaring. The result is a somewhat norganized and somewhat dry podcast about why lolis get dicks hard in 48 states, and incest loli gets them hard in the other two. It’s ok that it’s a bit dry and disorganized though… why? Because I am about to post some delicious loli pictures and NO ONE CAN STOP ME! BWHAHAHAHA! But yes, please do try to enjoy the podcast. It’s hardly my best stuff, but I am tired and don’t give too much of a shit. I will do it better next time. Also, the thing encodes voice for shit… I need to mess with that. Oh, and please contribute to Ask Onii-chan. It’s good fun and you will remain anonymous and so on. HERE’S SOME PICTURES! Be sure to start the podcast before scrolling down further. And no the images aren’t properly resized. I told you… I am feeling lazy. Right-click, view image and you see the wholllle thing.

The Machinations of Erotism: Futanari

Apologies for the lack of posts. It’s a busy time of year. So, anyway, I’ve spent a good deal of time, as you may know, considering human sexuality, especially as concerns 2D fetishism and the various subdivisions thereof. This series of… discussions, I guess you could call them, are one of the things I started OCnE to talk about as I’ve wanted to put forth my ideas on the various “weird” and “gross” (as mainstream society tends to see them, fetishes of our 2D world and maybe give fans a few places to turn for help with explaining their fascination to others; likewise, a place for those unacquainted with the particular fetishes to get a better understanding of what is at play here and a perspective that will help them see it through the eyes of a fan of that fetish. Today, we’ll be talking about futanari. Chicks with penises. A bold choice for a first post on the subject, no doubt, but often one of the least understood of fetishes and one that has a very non-vocal fanbase outside of certain image boards and the futaket convention. Likewise, it is a fetish that is one of my personal favorites […]