Onii-chan Theatre: No Real Family Resemblance 3

Episode two of nine of my run for the glory of Odin. That’s right, kids. He knows when you are sleeping… and he’ll kill you if you fuck with him. Much like the protagonist in tonight’s somewhat unsettling episode of Onii-chan Theatre. He seemed like such a nice boy at the beginning, if a little eager to fuck strangers… usually when I get an e-mail from a stranger it involves them asking for my bank account information in one way or another and very rarely leads to sex of any sort… which is sort of a let down, if I’m honest. Here’s hoping one of those 31 girls who read the site warm to the idea one day… ok, not really. I’m sure they’re all diseased and hateful beings. At least… that makes me feel better about the neglect. Right! On with the show. Oh and I upped the bitrate on the video a bit, let me know if you notice an improvement. I didn’t see much of one, so I might just drop it back down. But let me know since I didn’t watch the whole thing.

Mischif no Snark: Upskirt Mama & Little Brother Junkie 5

Hello all you perverts and pervettes! Ah who am I kidding, no girls read this blog. Anyway – I’m Jeremy, but you can call me Mischif, and I’m a new writer for Onii-chan no Ecchi! I’ve been lurking here and there for about six months or so, commenting every now and again, and when Randall sent out a call for new contributors, I jumped all over it. Now I’m here, and I hope you don’t mind if I write some stuff for you guys. Anyway, I was wracking my brain trying to think of something really nice to write about, and in the end I decided to take a page from Randall’s book and snark about something, and it just so happened that I managed to come across two doujins that are prime and ready to be snarked – to hold onto something as we delve into what I’m going to call “Mischif no Snark”.

Onii-chan Radio: Holes Are Overrated 5

What’s that? A new layout and new content? This motherfucker’s really not slacking these days. Well, I figured I might as well keep moving things along with a little review since I needed to pass the time. Today I’m reviewing a book called Imouto no Ana, which isn’t out in the US so feel free to steal the fuck out of it, just don’t ask me where to get it since I’m the sort of guy who buys his books at Japanese bookshops most of the time. Got some exciting stuff coming from some people who have signed up to contribute to the shrine of Onii-chan. Haha, at least that’s how I’m choosing to think of it. Anyway, ON WITH THE SHOW!

Onii-chan Radio: Places You Shouldn’t Smell 8

I can actually promise you that, being as this is an audio file, you will not see any poop this week. So have no fear! This week I answer a bunch of fun questions and talk about Icarus Publishing’s new book Scarlet Desire. Nothing in the book is red, but whatever. That’s not really important right now. Anyway, please do keep sending good questions and enjoy the podcast.