The Two Powerpuff Girls Hentai Doujin2 Comments on The Two Powerpuff Girls Hentai Doujin

Well, I’m proud of myself.

Here I was thinking that all the Powerpuff Girls erodoujin out there in the world was going to be of Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, the anime reimagining of the Cartoon Network original. But by god, I dug through the dumpster until I came across two glorious diamonds. They shone so bright, I thought I’d go blind.

But you know, I’m not a greedy man. And so, I will share these diamonds I found with you. I apologize, that one is tiny. So very tiny. A real pain to read.

As a quick aside, if you’re after Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, there’s plenty ranging from the wonderful to the upsetting.

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Madoka Magica versus the Blowjob Dinosaur2 Comments on Madoka Magica versus the Blowjob Dinosaur

Well, we’ve finally gotten to this point. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is a pretty popular series, that almost goes without saying. And the hentai side of the world has produced many a doujin extolling the virtues of just about every pairing and fetish you could ever hope to enjoy.

Every. Single. Fetish. Jesus, what am I doing with my life? Something amazing, obviously. Let’s dive on. Because there’s not just one, there’s two. Two futanari erodoujin featuring what I will insist is the best goddamn character ever conceived by man: Fellatiosaurus.

Prepare your body.

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The Erodoujin of Yanagida Fumita (Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko)2 Comments on The Erodoujin of Yanagida Fumita (Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko)

Well, hey, since Tomo-chan was Onnanoko (or Onna no Ko, if you want to be that guy) is coming to an end soon, I thought it’d be great to take a look at some of the doujin work of the creator of that series, Yanagida Fumita.

It’s not uncommon at all for even major manga artists to produce, or come from, the doujinshi scene. Rikudou Koushi is one of my personal favorites on that front and I’m sure we’ll get around to him on here at some point. Some tend to stop work on erodoujin once they make it big in the manga world, and while Tomo-chan might not be to those heights, Fumita doesn’t seem to have released anything since 2015 or so on his pixiv¬†(and that was a repost of Gotsugou Soukan, which is from 2013-ish). Maybe he’ll get back to it after Tomo-chan.

Oh, and I’ll be skipping his four or so rape doujin because those are legitimately some of the most boring things I’ve ever read. The art is good if you’re into the genre though. The lamia one is good for a chuckle as well.
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Porn in Color?! 3 Unique Full-Color Ero Doujin3 Comments on Porn in Color?! 3 Unique Full-Color Ero Doujin

So I was looking through some erodoujin and I came across a full color one and it got me thinking about some of the classics in my own collection. Ishikei’s work is probably some of the most well-known full color stuff and with good reason. They’re definitely worth owning if you come across any copies out in the world.

As impressive as Ishikei’s work is, it bred a lot of imitators. Still, more people use a familiar style that you’ll see in a lot of wider distribution work. Now, let me just say, there’s nothing wrong with those styles. I love them. They’re fantastic. But what if we want something a little unique? A little strange, maybe? Well you’re in luck.

This post is going to point you at three unique full-color ero doujinshi and the artists that produced them, because variety is the spice of life.

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The Top 6 Steins;Gate Hentai Doujin2 Comments on The Top 6 Steins;Gate Hentai Doujin

Okay, that title is a little misleading. But hey, search engine optimization, amirite?

Basically, we’re going to take a look at one of the best ero doujinshi for each heroine (Yes, Luka. Yes, girl Luka.) in the Steins;Gate visual novel. A visual novel that was so sorely lacking an 18+ version that many a sane man has gone mad trying to will porn into it. Still! It’s a great piece of writing and completely worth a playthrough. That said, these doujin will be in ending order. So Suzuha first and so on. It’s not a preference order because they’re all special in their own way or whatever new age crap people say these days. (Also because Suzuha best girl, Kurisu second, girl Luka third, fight me.)

Probable spoilers in the descriptions.

Oh! And I’ll be limiting it to translated doujin because that’ll help everyone enjoy a good cry while they’re jerking off.

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The Simpsons Yaoi Shota Hentai Doujin3 Comments on The Simpsons Yaoi Shota Hentai Doujin

There are things that you don’t come across very often, even when rummaging through the bottom of the doujinshi barrel. Chief among those things are doujin of Western cartoons. While there are some very minor exceptions and a very small fan base, most Western cartoons are almost entirely unknown to the Japanese. The few that are have been the ones which got anime re-imaginings like TMNT and Powerpuff Girls, but even those weren’t exactly smash hits and PPG in particular bears little resemblance to its original form.

The Simpsons, while popular in nearly every other country on the planet, have also failed to break into the Japanese market as a cartoon. Fox has tried a few times, but for some reason they’ve just never been able to get any traction. Still, interestingly enough, The Simpsons are likely one of the most recognizable western cartoons to Japanese audiences. The reason is that The Simpsons were used for advertisements for C.C. Lemon and, later, in a cross promotion with Mister Donut (commonly shortened to Misudo in Japan). Mister Donut actually has a fairly interesting history, but that’s maybe a story for another doujin.

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The PUBG Hentai Doujinshi2 Comments on The PUBG Hentai Doujinshi

Maybe not a Humpday Doujin since I might not get one a week done. Still, I’d like to bring back digging deeper into the fun of Japanese pervert shit than just making fun of a few kinds of porn.

Naturally, that leads us to PUBG. PUBG’s been something of a mixed bag for Japanese internet culture. Some fairly major Virtual YouTubers have spent time in the game and it’s certainly got its place in the pantheon of games which broke through an international barrier. FPS games haven’t really been a popular thing in Japanese culture, especially not if they’re western in origin. PUBG sits in a bit of an odd spot, being published by a Korean company, but still being a very western rooted FPS/TPS sort of game.

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Hump Day Doujin: Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi!!1 Comment on Hump Day Doujin: Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi!!

Hey, well, I’ve been busy. What can I say. So to make up for it, I will be adding up a download with this weeks Hump Day Doujin. Kimigabuchi has been the object of one of our previous Hump Day Doujins, and I saw a comment on a previous HDD that someone couldn’t find the Hale nochi Guu doujin that Kimigabuchi did a while back. Well, I didn’t feel like digging around Mandarake to find it, so I just dug through my personal collection and BAM!

BAM! as I previously said. What would you like to see when you think about a Hale nochi Guu erodoujin? Well, maybe not the first thing, but certainly one of the things you think… or maybe this is just me, is for Hale to get turned into a teenager and bone his mom. Ok, maybe that’s way down the list. But that’s what Kimigabuchi drew for this particular doujin. If you’re a MILF lover, which I know some of you are, then you will certainly go for this. Guu turns Hale into an older version of himself and he goes home and plugs his mom. I mean, that’s about the jist of it, but you’re looking at some awesome art by the Kimigabuchi crew. But, hey, just because I’m writing this doesn’t mean I’m not still busy. I will skip theo ther crap and let you see the consistency of quality in Kimigabuchi’s works. Please be kind and leave your thoughts on the doujin. I’ll just say, I’m not sure which book this came out of, but if you want to find some other Guu works by Kimi you can grab Supesharu Kimigabuchi 2001 Natsu. Two previews and the download.

Also, we will be back to purchase links next week, I believe. I might do downloads occasionally when I can’t find something I really want to feature. I mean, why should you guys suffer because a certain fan made comic from a different country isn’t readily available anymore. Also, has anyone purchased a doujin from a link I posted? I’m trying to get an idea for how useful it is. I mean, I’m posting old doujin as it is (nothing newer than 2004) so it’s not really hurting anyone. Just want to know where things stand on the reader end.

Hump Day Doujin: HandmadeLeave a Comment on Hump Day Doujin: Handmade

Wow, that long weekend fucked me up, so I forgot to do the HDD on time. Haha. Hope you can forgive me. So this week, we’re doing some hot, sexy, hot and sexy, also sexy, and last but not least hot Hand Made May doujin.

The manga, called HANDMADE by JUMBO MAX is one that I’ve liked for a good while because it doesn’t fuck around with this namby pamby talking and not-being-naked business. It’s one of those manga that I don’t think we’ve featured yet, but are certainly popular. In fact, sitting here, I’m wondering how we missed the disembodied penis doujin up to this point. This whole book is extremely well drawn, as is the standard for JUMBO MAX and most of Hump Day Doujin’s books. What this book is being featured for is the put hot, sex-filled joy. You might catch a hip occasionally, but doujin like this are extremely satisfying for fans of the characters. Especially this one. You run the entire Hand Made May harem and there’s no need for lead up or discussion, it’s pure spank-bait. Is it wrong that I find these to be among the best doujin around? Maybe I’m just a lazy pervert sometimes. Anyway, the book is well worth the 3000 yen asking price. I mean, 42 pages of pure sexy sexing. Yessir. Here are some preview shots. The book is more of the same, which is a good thing.

Hump Day Doujin: Forte-san de PaiLeave a Comment on Hump Day Doujin: Forte-san de Pai

Well, let me be honest. I’m a huge Forte fan. She’s the hot sex, and they need to make a good PVC of her so I can add it to the shelf. But enough of that! bolze. is the circle behind this week’s Hump Day Doujin. The doujin goes by the title Forte-san de Pai. Boy howdy! Anyway, bolze., as is often the case with the things I feature, is a very prolific group. I personally have 57 issues from them, there might be some duplicates in there. Not sure. But that gives you an idea of the sort of ground they’ve covered artistically speaking. One of the things that I like about bolze. is that they tend to have a high amount of screen accuracy in their drawings, and the ability to break with convention in interesting ways. For example, several panels in this book require you… well they don’t require, but would require you to turn the book to see them with the proper orientation. I’m not sure if all copies are this way, but my copy is on a brown-ish stock. It might be because it wasn’t well kept. I’m not sure. Anyway, this is a pretty tame doujin, and it has some mild shota, and most of the attention is paid to Forte, from a sexual stand-point. It’s certainly a good quality piece, and an absolute must have for Forte fans like me. And I mean fans. You know? RAWR! I guess the bottom line, really, is that this is just a sexy, non-hard, and well-paced doujin. It’s great for it’s simple erotism, and I give it two thumbs up.