The Machinations of Erotism: Jealousy (or Moritheil is a Giant Idiot) 5

… Anyway, a little background on what I’m about to go into here. In the manga Kannagi, it is suggest Nagi, the main chick, has fucked before. This sent a rash of ridiculous blog and 2ch posts rippling throughout the internet and since my thumb is ever on the pulse of inane bullshit, I’m posting about a reply post about a bunch of reply posts they I can only assume took place sometime around the end of World War II. For those of you who didn’t follow along, I’m saying that I couldn’t give a shit less about whether Nagi has fucked for three reasons. The first, she’s a drawing. The second, I’m sane. The third, she’s not a very good character to begin with.

Announcing the dasaku Network Anime Expo Meetup 1

Well, it’s a bit early yet, but I am planning to do a dasaku Network Meetup at Anime Expo 2009. If you’re planning to be there, drop a line at some point and something something something? I’ll probably just do something like a Saturday thing, we’ll get lunch, it’ll be a good time, maybe. Haha. I’ll likely do another post closer to the time to nail down specifics, and I might get in touch with a few blogger friends and see if we can’t compile a giant thing. I just wanted to shoot a post out because I know you crazy fuckers like to schedule your itineraries all early and so on, so maybe just keep in mind that you might do our little blogger meetup thing.

Onii-chan Theatre: You Should See What They Do To The Candy Stripers 4

Hey, ladies. It’s that time again. Onii-chan Theatre is coming hard for your ass. AWWW YEAH. Life is good. I’ll trust you’re all having a wonderful Saturday morning. Let’s just hop right into it though, this week it’s episode one of Yakin Byoutou or Night Shift Nurses as the white kids know it. I never really have anything to say in these fucking things. Just watch it and laugh or I will cut you.

Onii-chan Radio: I Might Be Boss 4

So, it’s that time again, I guess, for another episode of Onii-chan Radio. I cover a lot of fun topics this time, ranging from the blossoming feelings of a pubescent female to the intricacies of girls who can grow dicks spontaneously. All-in-all, I’d say it was a pretty good episode. Felt good anyway. I totally came halfway through. It’s hard to keep the energy after a blowout like that, but I tried to keep it up. I think you can appreciate it.

Onii-chan Theatre: A Horse is a Horse 10

Today we will be taking a little trip down freaky Horse guy lane and watching the seminal (Semen. Get it?) Words Worth. My encoder decided to be a fuck but there you go. It’s a good episode of a sort of mediocre hentai and it’s full of delicious exposition and not-so-full of hot fuck action. But don’t you worry. These talky shows, they have their place. Anyway, I’m no good at this wind-up posts. Just watch the fucking thing.