Onii-chan Theatre: Grease Me Up 3

Welp, he did it again.

He came back again.

And you know what? I think Onii-chan might be needed now more than ever. In a world gone mad, who else can calmly explain why jerking off to drawings of a four year old with a dick who shoots milk our of her giant nipples is fine?

Maybe I will. Maybe Patreon will set us free. We’ll see.

VIDEO NOTE: Sorry about the sound. Levels were a little bit out of whack. I got that fixed up. Should be fine in the future.

Announcing the dasaku Network Anime Expo Meetup 1

Well, it’s a bit early yet, but I am planning to do a dasaku Network Meetup at Anime Expo 2009. If you’re planning to be there, drop a line at some point and something something something? I’ll probably just do something like a Saturday thing, we’ll get lunch, it’ll be a good time, maybe. Haha. I’ll likely do another post closer to the time to nail down specifics, and I might get in touch with a few blogger friends and see if we can’t compile a giant thing. I just wanted to shoot a post out because I know you crazy fuckers like to schedule your itineraries all early and so on, so maybe just keep in mind that you might do our little blogger meetup thing.

Onii-chan Radio: I Might Be Boss 4

So, it’s that time again, I guess, for another episode of Onii-chan Radio. I cover a lot of fun topics this time, ranging from the blossoming feelings of a pubescent female to the intricacies of girls who can grow dicks spontaneously. All-in-all, I’d say it was a pretty good episode. Felt good anyway. I totally came halfway through. It’s hard to keep the energy after a blowout like that, but I tried to keep it up. I think you can appreciate it.

Onii-chan Radio: Purely for Safe Keeping 5

Oh what a wild and wacky podcast we have today. I have been fatted up with delivery pastas and sandwiches. BUT DID I LET A SLOWLY CREEPING MALAISE WASH OVER ME? NO I DID NOT! I SOLDIERED ON! I TYPED IN CAPS! I BRAVED THE FRONT LINES OF TALKING INTO A MICROPHONE, ALONE IN A SMALL APARTMENT LIKE A CREEPY LOSER FOR YOU PEOPLE! If you read all of that, good work. I’d have given up halfway through and gone to get a snack. But that’s not what you’re here for! Presumably! So without further delay (not that you were forced to take to this post in linear fashion or anything), I hereby (oh, now he thinks he’s all fancy) give you the latest episode of Onii-chan Radio.

Onii-chan Theatre: Akibakei Onii-chan 6

This new and exciting world insists upon new and exciting mediums. And having cleared up the technical difficulties standing my path, I HAVE MADE VISUAL SEX! Don’t believe me? Well take a gander below and you’ll see the power and the glory for yourself.

That’s right. I have done a patently unfunny walk-through of the first episode of Akibakei Kanojo. Please do let me know what you think. Hopefully you dig it. Especially the ladies, aww yeah.

Onii-chan’s Guide to Misinformation: Research Papers and The Media 4

In advance: Thanks for reading another of my gigantic free-speech/truth-pursuing articles. I promise there will be a new podcast soon. This week sometime. I’d like to talk briefly about lying fuckwits in your news, your government, and your friendly neighborhood religious establishment. Turn on your evening news. Hell, turn on the your national news or one of those super helpful 24-hour news networks. On any given day you will likely see these people crusading against things that you know almost absolutely nothing about. Trans fats, lolicon, the effects of some prescription drug you’ve never heard of, eggs, milk… Yes sir, your local anchorman is telling you that “a recent study” said that all of these things were found to kill you and your children. These people aren’t experts. And the experts that they talk to are specifically chosen sorts of people who are likely to draw causational conclusions from correlational data. Questionably correlational data at that. Here comes the educational portion of the post. What a lot of these experts/sensationalists/media folks tend to keep from the people that they’re preaching to is that it often times comes from the “conclusions” or “discussion” section of a given research paper. These bits […]