Free 2 Porn: Kamihime PROJECT-R Review

A new series (probably) about reviewing the myriad free to play adult/porn games that are floating around.

From the Beginning

From the jump with Kamihime PROJECT-R you’ve got a lot of visual noise. Clicking Nutaku’s play now button brings you to a cluttered tutorial page that hits all the standard noisy notes about how many free things you’ll get for completing the tutorial. I understand the premise but it comes with a few alarm bells for gacha-type games in my mind, assuming this is one of those:

  1. We have literally no idea what these particular items are even used for so there’s no real meaning in dangling the carrot.
  2. We all know that’s not going to be a significant amount of stuff.

Far be it from me to ask to be treated with a bit of respect by a free-to-play game about watching anime girls get railed, but I’d have a better first impression out of the gate with that stuff out of the way, or given as a nice (expected) surprise if I make it through, rather than a carrot to rope me in. That said, you can skip the tutorial at any time via a bar on the right side and it also lets you skip specific stages of the tutorial if you want. A nice touch among F2P games in general. Also, the clutter goes away after the tutorial is done.

The screen that might save lives

Diving into the tutorial gives us a visual novel scene, robed men threatening Adele, a blonde-knight with exposed midriff. The game gave a quick OpenGL error, possibly due to embed cross-domain issues, not a big deal, though it’s nice it’s not using antiquated tech. So, as quickly as the drama starts, Adele decides that if she fucks these guys, they might not steal her Device, presumably a contraceptive of some kind. The game flickers through a few loading screens and then greets you with, honestly, a nice little warning screen in case you’re playing in public or a work bathroom or your cousin’s birthday party or whatever.

Continuing flashes a few more loads, then you get a new UI, still visual novel looking, but now you’ve got a sidebar. This gets you right into the first sex scene. No log window for dialog here, but it you can zoom in on the picture and turn off the text block. It’s fine. The scenes are animated here, Live2D from the looks of the warping. It’s a bit vigorous, but, again fine. Nice of them to get you right into the porn. I’m not 100% expecting a nukige out of this, but obviously the time between sex scenes is likely to be a concern. Essentially standard stuff through this opening scene, though there’s no background moaning between voice lines, which makes the scene feel a little sparse. There’s some world exposition rolled in here. Stuff about the Faith, the robed men obviously not being a part of that whole deal.

We roll out of that scene fairly abruptly into one with ourselves and Alyssa, our childhood friend. The translation doesn’t mention this fact. Honestly, based on the dialogue here, this translation looks like it’s pretty loose, but basically serviceable considering. Still, I’d like to see something more on point for a game that’s going to be asking me for waifu feed money. I closed the window here, deciding it’d be interesting to see how the game handles it. Reopening the tab showed a few loading screens and then plopped me back at the start of the scene with Alyssa. Anyway, the thrust of the scene is that we’re The Successor that Adele talked about in her bit. Side note, it’s a bit weird to read: “What the FREAK is going on?” after watching a light rape scene. Especially when it wasn’t even a necessary line based on the voice. I nitpick though.

Standard animation, solid art… Except that penis.

So here’s the exposition dump: We’re the Successor, found the Device, gotta use the Kamihime (guides created by the Creator) to stop Ragnarok. Simple, easy. Good enough setup for a gacha porn game. The device is a phone with big tits (this is partially true). Diabolos is likewise stripped of a lot of the nuance in her dialogue in favor of standard antagonist stuff. She initiates your first fight with Lancelot and Nike (the first two waifus) doing the fighting while you issue commands.

After the fight, you join up with Diabolos and fight again. Then you leave and find out that you should form a covenant with your Kamihime. This means sex. With Nike. “Man’s seed possesses the highest concentration of magic in the entire universe.” Clearly the game is based on science. Then you fuck. No warning this time. It’s worth mentioning that Nike is a drooler. She doesn’t really warn us about that and as a result her mouth ends up covered with a mystery white liquid nearly immediately. It’s also possible she was having a seizure, but I have no formal medical training, so I’ll assume it was… happy… sex… drool?

After that it’s to the main UI and out of the tutorial, thus, on with the review. Before I do, I will say that the tutorial blocked out so much of the UI so often during the opening that I ended it having no real idea what I’d been clicking on since the buttons would be the only thing highlights and they took up tons of the screen.

The Game Itself

The battle screen.

The actual battle system is an incredibly simple turn-based elemental combat RPG. The girls each have their own Burst attack– basically a limit break– that builds up during the fight. The animations are a nice departure, but the overall visuals in the battle scene are pretty busy, with the character art being a bit too small at the size the entire things runs to really feel comfortable inside all the UI. The UI itself ranges from serviceable to bad, maybe better if you’re on a touch device, but not exactly enjoyable either way, which could prove annoying depending on how much time you spend with the game. There’s a bit of depth to the game beyond the bad UI, though, with weapons, Kamihime, and Eidolons all being part of the mix. It provides an automated equipment/party selection system to make sure things don’t get overwhelming if you’re not in it to micromanage.

Aside from the standard attacking there are the standard spells, healing and the like. Probably the larger draw on the fighting side would be the summons. Summons are full screen effect animated attacks done by your Eidolon helpers, who aren’t active fighters (hence summons). The animation and art resolution are pretty sad in Diabolos’s attack at least. This might hurt a bit less on phones, but in a browser it was just bad looking. The attacks are fun though, and do plenty of damage. They’re a nice addition and you can sort of see instantly how they tie in to the gacha system.

Speaking of the gacha system, there are multiples. Twelves currently running, in fact, only two of which you can use with the gems and jewels that the game gives you. Also, keeping with gacha standards, there are five different currencies in the game. Still, you do get a daily free draw, but as is standard in these sorts of games all the good, limited stuff is back behind pay walls.

It’s a hardcore gacha game from top to bottom.

I will say, the jewels they give you are good for twenty rolls on the jewel gacha and I got a solid number of super rares out of that, so it was a nice give for the tutorial. As with all gachas, patience or money will be required and the SSRs seem pretty safely lumped into the money side. My concerns there were allayed nicely, honestly. Good on you, Kamihime R. Star Coins themselves are 1 Nutaku Gold each, or a penny each if you want to skip the multiple currency conversion. There are NO bulk discounts and the game seems to indicate that the coins expire after 180 days. That’s worrying, so don’t buy them in you don’t intend to spend them. The Star Coin gachas are all round numbers though, so if you’re into it, it’s easy to buy in accurate amounts. That said, the prices are pretty steep. Such is life for perverts, though.

The visual novel side is nice. Well acted, for sure, lots of talent on that side. The translation leaves something to be desired, but I might be one of the few who cares about that. There are nice harem scenes for the unlocked girls that advance character and give nice little vignettes outside of the fighting. All-in-all, it’s a pleasant experience if you’re into gacha games and like a surprisingly deep RPG element on a porn game.

Art and So On

The translation is questionable at best.

The art is really fantastic, honestly. While the Live2D scenes are somewhat weak on the animation side, the artists on display are almost all incredibly talented and put together good work, worthy of working toward nudes for. Something that’s let down a bit, on browser at least, by the fact that there are VERY highly compressed textures in various places. It doesn’t affect the Live2D scenes, but it turns up in the UI pretty often and it gives a sort of junky old flash game feel to the game from time to time. On the porn side, pretty much every character archetype and size combination gets play somewhere in there, though luck is the thing that’s going to determine whether you end up with the sort of waifu you want or not. Still, the base set includes the broad strokes you’d expect from a game meant to suck everyone in.

Honestly, that fact that you can go into a game like this and be rewarded with porn scenes makes me kind of question the value of the standard gacha games. Each character has a visual novel-based encounter story, an animated sex/covenent scene (at least one), and some nice little get-to-know-them bits. It’s honestly tons more than the standard card gachas which don’t really bother with that for about 90% of the cast and if you end up with a waifu you really like, there are decent odds you’re going to end up just having to sort of roll with whatever little you’re given. Here, you get a lot more out of your waifus and there’s no problem with building up the harem since that’s basically what you’re supposed to be doing anyway.

There’s a lot of love put into this game, and while the UI is a mess, I think it’s a pretty nice entry. I’m not here to bag on gacha, which people might have expected. Spend your money however you like. They aren’t really for me since I can’t bring myself to lean hard enough into waifu worship to feel joy at spending actual money on a system that’ll shut down one day. I definitely feel the pull, though.

Recommended: Sure.
To Who: Gacha fans of most stripes, and RPG fans who want a little sex in the mix.
Where: Kamihime PROJECT-R  on Nutaku

Onii-chan no Game: Otaku’s Fantasy Part 3

Well, that got weird at the end. It’s fine though, probably. I’ll assume I’m not dying for now. The story was moving along nicely until my brain got weird for some reason. Not entirely sure what happened, even.

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Onii-chan no Game: Otaku’s Fantasy Part 1 2


Onii-chan no Game. Recordings of our live playthroughs of some of the best visual novels that Google Translate has to offer.

Today, we’re playing Otaku’s Fantasy. It’s available censored on Steam and otherwise, doesn’t seem to be out anywhere.

There’s a nude patch over at Hentai Gamer but it’s just the Japanese CGs, so not a full de-censor.

Onii-chan Theatre: Poorly Established Lore 6

It’s not pretty, this anime. In fact, it’s just a poorly produced ad for the eroge.

Quality. I’ll be sure to dive a little deeper next time and see if we can’t find something more ambitious.

Also, check out the game: Lilitales. Seems good. Maybe.

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Steam Orders Further Censorship of Visual Novels 6

Valve has gotten back to some developers apologizing  and telling them to disregard the emails.

MangaGamer confirming as well.

While Valve has still not commented on the non-specific orders sent out to visual novel makers, a webpage has surfaced from an anti-pornography group formerly called Morality in Media calling for a mass flagging campaign (and claiming victory in a later post):

The lobbying group rebranded in 2015 to appear as a vaguely feminist/pro-woman group while still pushing their core anti-porn stance.

This may have triggered an automated warning to the “offending” games and Valve may not even be aware of the situation at present. Having been done near a weekend, it’s possible the story failed to gain traction before Valve knew anything was wrong and now people are home, unlikely to comment until Monday.

It’s definitely worth seeing if Valve responds that this was the case, but for now a possible culprit seems to have surfaced. Take it with a grain of salt for now, it may be entirely unrelated.


Welp, I said I was back, so let’s make it official by talking about a new wave of probably injustice being perpetrated on the good perverts of the world.

Steam has recently ordered just about every single already censored eroge on the service to make further, non-specific changes to their games or face being removed from the service.

I’ll save a little time here and go ahead and point out that the proper perv’s choice for these sorts of games should be either direct purchase (from JAST or MangaGamer or Sekai) or going through Nutaku if you need a collective service (though their hands aren’t entirely clean in the censorship game themselves). And then, on with the news.

The first and most sort-of-mainstream developer to get hit was HuniePop tweeting that they’d been sent an e-mail stating their games needed to be further censored or risk being removed from the store.

My initial thought was that this might be a baseless, auto-generated thing, but the same problem has happened to others companies which I’ll make a non-complete list of:

There are a lot of questions and Valve is curiously silent on the issue at the moment. There are a few possibilities, but the time that the games have been up makes this entire thing stink somewhat to me.

First Possibility:

The censorship is light enough in the existing titles that Valve is concerned about selling the products to underagers and running afoul of the law.

I’ll consider this the most possible reason for the entire thing. It’s hard to say meaningfully without comment from Valve, but plenty of jurisdictions aren’t going to look fondly at a company selling porn games without strong age-gating, even though those are basically useless preventative measures when it comes to keeping children from looking at porn. All measures are useless, really. But hey, security theater.

Second Possibility:

Visual Novel’s had their profile raised recently, drawing attention from Valve/outside groups

This runs a close second. The success of Doki Doki Literature Club (fuck me, I wrote Panic) has brought attention to visual novels and a more widespread curiosity about the content and artform. Obviously, along with that comes eroge, and increased attention means Valve starts paying closer attention to what’s on their service (at least in this narrow case).

Having become aware that VNs exist, someone went digging through and noticed that a lot of these games have light censorship, that perhaps stepped across the line on Valve’s opaque, uncommunicative Terms of Service.

Third Possibility:

The Chinese userbase was large enough to cause issues

While western countries are pretty lax about coming after companies for selling content we’ll call questionable to people who aren’t strongly age verified, China is much more active in policing the morality of its citizens. Anything that becomes likely to impact their society (from the government’s point of view) tends to get fairly heavily restricted. See: PUBG and gaming consoles as prime examples.

If the sales of these games brought enough attention to the platform for Chinese government officials to take notice, Steam might have been hit with some stern warnings. And given how widespread the complaints are, it’s entirely possible that might be the case.

Either way, this is something that’s fairly obviously being rolled out to avoid litigation or issues from ONE side or another. Valve has a pretty strong line against taking a moral stance, and I’m willing to believe they’re largely willing to stick to that point of view. The law can force their hands however.

Either way, it just goes to show that the sexual side of things is going to be the first to get hit out against and the easiest to downplay, especially when it comes to Japanese media and Japanese-style art, something that’s still deeply misunderstood in the west.

If this were about forcing a company to tone down violence or more acceptable depictions of sex, then this conversation would be much louder and much more likely to turn against them. But since it’s us weebs and our weird pervert shit, it’ll just get forced over and forgotten.

It’s a sad day as well, the Visual Novel was rising in the wake of Doki Doki Literature Club and that will still be a good thing for the genre in the longer term in the west. That said, if Valve should be going after anything, it should be quality control. Their platform is dying because sixty to eighty new games are released every day and 98+% of them are meme games that took a week to make or low effort first projects or direct re-releases of Asset store purchases with no changes whatsoever.

Still, if Valve wants to give people a good reason to look into other services, they are welcome to. It’s a weird brand strategy, but maybe it’ll work out for them.