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Ero Artist Spotlight: Luckeux

It ain’t a sequel. It’s a reboot.

Luckeux’s less of an eroartist than some of the people I’m hoping to talk to, but he’s talented, opinionated, and interesting, so I figured it was as good a place to start this new old series as any.

Check his stuff out here:

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Ero Artist Spotlight: smile

Ok, will enough with all this heavy shit and yeah. Let’s move forward and get on with ero artist spotlighting. Today’s has a bit of an ulterior motive. As most of you likely know, Comiket 70 is going on right now, and with Comiket comes eroge, doujin, and general happiness for otaku the world over. So, in honor of Comiket, I’ve decided to feature an artist who will be putting out some eroge at Comiket. More specifically, worked on the CG for the game. The artist in question is Smile, or Shiragi… I’ll go with Smile. Smile has been doing his thing for a good while, and he’s quite good at it. While Smile tends to trend more towards bakunyuu (sorry, it happens a lot) he exhibits a wide range of character archetypes with wonderful quality. Beyond just the archetypes, however, we see Smile show off a interesting number of different coloring styles. I bring this up because it’s something that I personally haven’t seen very often. Smile’s colorings range from the more angular, hard shadows that conjure images of hentai of the middle 90s to thick outlined lolis with a more Korean flavor to them. One of the styles […]

Ero Artist Spotlight: Taka Tony

Wow, sorry, was busy with some forum drama with uhhhh… Little Angels Hentai or whatever. Guy deleted my post for propogating my blog. Sat, I’m sorry for stole your 3 hits. I give them back. You can have a love. KBAI. Enough of that shit though, who cares, I have a post to do! One that I know a lot of people have been wanting to see. Chances are, if I ever feature anyone and a decent number of you have heard of him, it’s going to be this guy. The man they call: Tony Taka. Or Taka Tony depending on if you go buy his URL for name order or whatever. Enough about that. Tony Taka is one of the most talented artists in the community right now. He consistantly turns out very high quality work and a style that is very pleasing to the eye. Even when he’s not purposely going for softer tones, as with his fairly recent Rangiku Matsumoto work, he still manages to pull together subtle colors with appropriate contrasts that make viewing easy on the eyes. Even pieces with a wide variety of color have a certain ease to take in that make his […]

Ero Artist Spotlight: Nekomataya

Well, this artist comes with a funny story… nekomataya’s site says to ask for permission before reusing anything, so I figured I’d do the decent thing and use my broken Japanese to ask her (assuming that with the name Naomi it’s a girl. This will be the assumption of the article. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.) if I could use her porno on my porno site to do a feature. So, I got about as far as linking the site and was in the process of trying to remember the word for feature when neko disappeared into the Blocked-the-perverted-American abyss. Ah well, she can suck it. Be nicer to strange, ero-site running Americans, jerk! Jeez! Not that you can understand this. I won’t be doing that again, anyway. At any rate, you’ve probably seen a lot of nekomataya’s stuff around, especially with the popularity of Naruto in this country. And lucky for you, she just laid down a new layout on her site. It’s better than what was there before, believe me. And what? The latest post is some line work from Kujian. Not very good, so far as I prefer, but beggars can’t be choosers in these matters. Anyway, […]

Ero Artist Spotlight: Mogudan

Needs moar community interaction. Just so you guys know, Six is hard are work… yeah, work… on the next reviews. They will be a treat, and you guys better stick around for them or I will stab your faces. FACES! Moving on to this week’s ero artist spotlight… Right, well, remember on Wednesday when I said I was going to be moving away from the more standard stuff and get a little heavier into the fetishes? Well, I’m going to go ahead and start that trend right now with bakunyuu master, mogudan. Now, when you think of fetish art, it becomes sort of hard to believe that people can do it well, but mogudan’s thick and — shall we say — filled out ladies will draw you in. You might be saying to yourself, “Maybe I’m not into nipples you could finger and…” stop right there! Because a.) it’s hot and b.) I promise if you stop and look at these things, really take them in, then you will see what I mean when I say that it’s sexy and hot. No it doesn’t work on a normal woman, that’s the wrong perspective. The reason we’re all into 2D in […]

Ero Artist Spotlight: suzuneko

There was a sharp decline in hits today… I guess my blessings on lolitron finally ran out. Oh well! I expect you perverts to browse more! DAMNIT! At least now I don’t feel so bad about the hit counts at ikimashou. But enough about me! What about porn? Well, I feel so crass calling it porn because suzuneko is really an accomplished guy. If you’re a dabbler of fine Japanese magazines and websites, you’ll likely have seen his work around. He’s done a few wallpapers for Galge, two pinups for Core magazine, an S&M Sniper for Wairea and the cover for Enterbrain’s Ragnarok manga anthology. Now, I ended with the Ragnarok bit on purpose, because it’s more likely that you’ve seen his stuff being reposted on image boards whenever some get s in the mood to post some sexy Rangarok ladies, and let me tell you he does it well. I keep saying he, but I guess I’m assuming that. I mean, suzuneko could be anything… but those are details! Moving on, the art style really reminds me of the sort of work you see in eroge, at times, and then at other times you can see a bit of […]