Onii-chan Explains #7: Black People

Well, leave it to the guy who talks about porn to take it upon himself to explain black people. Is he the only one bold enough to undertake such a task? Probably not, but hey! The best thing you can do is assume things about the content before you listen!

Have fun!

OH! And Onii-chan no Ecchi is going on indefinite hiatus starting in January of 2020. I’ll be closing up the Patreon because Google has deranked my shit so hard I now get 1/10th of the already mediocre views I used to get and I need to try to have enough money to live as an old man so I’ll be doing some other stuff. I love you all, if OCnE suddenly becomes popular out of nowhere, I’ll do more. Site’ll stay online for the foreseeable future. Still we’re going to go out pretty big with December! Got a lot still to come this month.

Header: Musen-shiki Sanhankikan
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7 months ago

Great podcast, its truly remarkable individualist thinking exists at all so I hope you’re right on that optimistic ending note. Sad to hear the site hasn’t panned out again, I’ve been following you off and on since I was 13 years old, so about 10 years in all. I distinctly remember listening to your podcast in the library in high school and I think it helped me to think critically and openly about the world. Good luck making some dosh next year mate.

7 months ago

Oh no! I legit look forward to your Friday uploads and have been your fan since 2011. I remember watching this in my local card shop, looking back boy was I a dumb perv watching this while waiting to play magic the gathering. I do hope you come back. This site legit helps me get over my phobia of sex by making it funny.

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