Ask Onii-chan: What’s The Deal With Airline Rape?

It’s been a while since I did a giant block of text answer to an Ask Onii-chan so let’s do that. NO PICTURES, MOTHERFUCKERS!

Hey there Onii-chan.

What’s the deal with all the rape? Hopefully you read that in a Jerry Seinfeld voice. But yeah, why is rape such a popular trope in hentai? Wouldn’t it be more appealing to people that their narrative proxy not be a rapist? Of course, after one round of rape the women seem okay with it I guess, but still what the hell? For that matter, why are the dudes in hentai ugly bastards when they are bothering to show them at all? Not all are of course, but there seems to be a certain predilection to this being the case. Maybe I’m just perusing the kinds of hentai that gravitate towards this trope? I’ve also noticed this in japanese porn vs every other kind of porn too. The chicks will say “no” and “don’t.” But every other kind of chick will say “yes” and “more.” I don’t get it.

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Alright, Pancakes. Let’s tackle the multiple questions involved here. The first question sort of ties into the second question in a way that’s worth explaining so I’ll start with the question about women in Japanese porn saying “no” and “don’t” instead of “more, harder, etc.” So let’s-a go!

There are a lot of social standards in Japan that don’t really crop up in Japanese popular culture as much. There are certain parts that are definitely present, characters blushing while holding hands and dating for months without so much as kissing. These aren’t really realities in the current era in Japan. People kiss and fuck pretty regularly, even if they don’t kiss like sane human beings. While certainly people have become more willing to fuck than a few decades ago, there’s also a large chunk of extremely detached youths in the current generation who end up as virgins until higher ages. The virgins are a bit of a different problem in Japanese culture and one that’s bleeding into the west more and more, where the value of a relationship doesn’t end up above the desire to have one.

Anyway, back on point. While there are people who are more willing to fuck, the idea of purity and the social expectations on women are still in place and very much as culturally rooted as they’ve always been. It was like for most of humanity for most of human history. Women, especially, are expected to be pure and innocent. Or at least there’s a preference for it. This is not entirely incompatible with the desires of most women though many of them may feel like they’re betraying the social expectations and could face being outcast by running against that. As a result, women remaining coy and resistant are continued examples of their purity even as they’re having sex. This was also common in polite society in the West up until the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, as evidenced in the Christmas favorite “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” where a woman worries over being accused of impropriety if she stays the night with the man she loves. That is to say, classically, women are to be pursued and men are to be the pursuers. Even in this “enlightened” age, that is still the case in 99% of relationships. Just ask anyone who’s ever used Tinder.

Gyarus and bitch (bitch means slut in Japan) culture are an interesting modern development of this entire trapping. Essentially, they are women who are slutty and are visually very identifiable as having cast off any care about seeming to be a part of standard Japanese society. They dye their hair, get tans, and essentially are exact opposites of the Japanese beauty ideal– Yamato nadeshiko— which is classically and remains the ideal sort of Japanese woman in the wider culture. Idol cultures has split this ideal a bit in a wider cultural sense, but really gyarus and bitch types are very much the opposite and are the only group who are seen as accepted in their sluttiness. Though that doesn’t mean they’re accepted as positive existences. It’s very much the opposite in many circles.

As for rape, this also has a lot of deep roots in Japanese culture. Yobai being a fantastic example. The idea of publicly discussing sex or admitting to it are things that just aren’t done in Japan. Rape is a sort of standard porn exaggeration of this concept in much the same way big tits are. The core idea of rape in Japanese pornography is that, rather than pushing unwanted sex onto the woman, you are ACTUALLY doing something the woman likes but refuses to admit she likes. You’ll see that common theme throughout most rape hentai in the shape of the woman going “I can’t believe I actually like this” and generally dealing with the cognitive dissonance of enjoying sex when really she’s supposed to be a demure and untouchable flower.

There is also the mindbreak stuff, which still pretty common but not really as vanilla as the typical light rape. It’s basically just hate fucking women who the protagonist feels they deserve. Not a great point of view, but again, the women are often still portrayed as carrying an edifice of hating sex and they just need to learn to love the dick and they’ll come out of their shell. That’s why you also often see women in rape pornography being forced to say they like it and want more in a sort of withholding behavior. This is especially common with female characters who are excessively proud, proper, or condescending. It’s a form of taking the character down a peg, sometimes by exposing them as secretly perverse and sometimes just as violent retribution. Usually even the lighter versions of this end up with the woman not wanting to return to their previous life as a haughty woman unless it’s part of some play with the male protagonist and basically becoming his fuck slave.

Which gets me back to the core of the fetish itself, the idea behind Japanese rape scenes is often a bit less masochistic than Western rape fantasy porn. Where Western rape porn (and a subset of Japanese rape porn) are about domination and the fear of the situation, often with the women crying throughout, the bulk of Japanese rape porn deals with the idea of breaking down the edifice of a chaste and graceful woman to drag out the panting fuck slut that was always hiding underneath the surface. It’s a sort of “this is the real you” idea. In a way it’s rape porn that’s asking people to be honest. And you see that cross-genders and cross-genre in Japanese porn with the phrase “your body is being honest” being used nearly constantly even in non-rape and non-pornographic contexts.

Obviously there are nuances for rape subgenres that aren’t covered by this whole thing, but I think that should cover the idea of why it’s so common in Japan. If anyone disagrees with that assessment or if I missed some overarching concept, feel free to slap it down in the comments.

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