Ero Konbini Tenchou

I feel like the job market has enough possibilities that you really wouldn’t NEED to work at a sexfuck convenience store unless you were really into the dickings.

Or maybe I’m just overestimating these girls’ interview skills.

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1 year ago

Yeah my manager rapes me on a continual basis too. Id quit but times are tough you know? And besides, once you get used to it, it isnt so bad. You can even plan your work schedule around it. 8:00 Inventory 9:00 Rape 10:00 Start panning up the dough. Try to get as much as you can done before 11:00 another round of rape. Etc, etc. I dont know. Maybe in hentai world if you go to the cops and tell them youve been raped they go all rape crazy and rape you instead of helping you. Thats my best… Read more »

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