That Time Will Smith Fucked a Loli

This manga has a crucial backstory, but luckily there’s a very condensed video available that explains the whole thing.

These men… they straight don’t exist. No names. No fingerprints. You could find yourself in trouble if you run into them and you’re an illegal alien. They’re going to have violent sex with you and force you to do things… horrible things.

But enough about the pre-production of Wild, Wild West, let’s talk about a doujinshi.

Lemon in Black

Always get drugged up before your Men in Black job interview.

Let’s clear up something right from the jump here: Yamano Remon canonically works for the Men in Black. She’s also a legal loli. She’s from Ano Natsu de Matteru, which is a pretty okay show. Anyway, Lemon in Black was made by Azuma Sawayoshi‘s circle A?L?L for Comiket 82 in 2012. You MIGHT be aware of Azuma. Since 2016 he’s been publishing Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru in Dengeki Maou. Prior to that had had a few hentai anthologies published with plenty of appearances in Comic Hotmilk.

But enough about that! Let’s do a brief overview of the plot. They’re playing the King Game and Yamano is randomly picked by Ichika to tell an interesting story. Yamano decides that this is a great time to mention she’s an agent with the Men in Black and to talk about a very special test she was given there. The test! Was that she would be treated as a prisoner of war! And insulted! … And also he’s going to have sex with her! Things escalate quickly when the Men in Black are involved. I don’t remember this part in any of the three films, but maybe they just skipped it for time.

Tommy Lee Jones also had to do this.

Weirdly, for being the ones who said they were going to rape her, everyone’s really hesitant about it except Remon. After they finally work up the nerve to grope her, things proceed in a fairly standard POW situation from there. Blow jobs, cunnilingus, marveling at the fact that women’s vaginas get wet. Again the captors seem very mindful of how she feels about the whole pretend rape situation, asking if she’s really alright with it, seeing as her file said she was a virgin, something that obviously makes sense to mark down. She says it’s fine because she practiced alone. Nice.

She passed. But it was only the first test! Now, two of their most respected agents will go at her. She has to endure them and she’ll be an agent. And that’s when Chinese knock-off Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones show up. They both waste not time plowing the loli, especially Will because he knows how dangerous underagers can be, especially walking alone with advanced text books. From there it’s mostly just a normal sex scene that focuses solely on Remon because Sawayoshi isn’t a fuckhole moron who draws more manass than girlpuss. That’s the work of a professional. At the end of her story, we cut back to the room with the King Game and the boys all have erections. Remon is accused of lying but plays coy. THE END. What a good time it was.

The art is fantastically done here and the characters are all on point. It’s really one of the most well done doujin I’ve read in a bit in an all-around sort of way. Fantastic art, true to the original for story and character, it’s great stuff. I recommend it, and Azuma’s other work. He’s a champion.

Guard against extraterrestrial violence.
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1 year ago

Still more respectable than being cast as the genie in Aladdin.

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