Onii-chan Explains: Transgenderism

I decided to tackle the entirely common and completely uncontroversial subject of transgenderism. Good thing I’m a faceless, entirely unknown internet nobody or else this sort of thing could really get me yelled at.

Ah well, hopefully this is a good, neutral overview of some things along with some opinions of my own that are almost too reasonable.

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You brought up a good point about the streaming sites. Even though the primary uploads are the Japanese releases there are also third parties that take the time to translate the hentai for the sites for others who wish to know the plot (regardless of how ridiculous they can be). Shows commitment to the genre.


I’ve haven’t paid much attention to the transgendereds lately. I remember back in like 2016 everyone and their mom was talking about anti-sjw bullshit and that trans people were a part of the sjw flagship. Basically some dumb person would say something dumb and the anti-sjw’s would point out how dumb they were and we’d all have a good laugh (re: triggily puff, big red, etc). It got boring after awhile though, so now I don’t pay much attention to it. Now whenever someone talks about sjw’s like they actually matter I have to eyeroll a little bit. This is… Read more »


Is the ‘I want to be the pretty girl’ meme supposed to be the scene from American Horror Story?

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