Gesugao: Crazy Eyes For Perverts

So we’ll do something similar to an ero artist spotlight here. Really we’re covering a specific artist, but more a particular fetish or trope.

Gesugao is a particular expression. Essentially, the woman looks at you like she’s somewhere between crazy, murderous, and disgusted. I mean, I guess a guy could do it too, but why would we bother thinking about that sort of thing?

Gesu itself means low-life, so you’re being looked at as though you’re a low-life or trash or sleazy. BUT AGAIN! That still doesn’t quite cover it entirely. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the artists who create delicious gesugao art.


Easily the most famous purveyor of gesugao is 40hara. His Iyapan series has gone massive world-wide, getting an eroanime adaptation, a cafe crossover art show during fuyukomi, and tons of attention even in the west.

Now, there’d be a temptation to call gesogao “glaring” or “iya na kao” given 40hara’s mention, it’s missing the idea that gesugao doesn’t need to be a glare, which is often disapproving. gesugao can be condescending, angry, menacing, or a wide variety of looks. Shit, I’m going to stop rambling on about that and just put up some art.

Go! Go! You can do it!


Easily the second most prominent, and more dedicated, gesugao adherent is ebiblue. He’s also dedicated to KanColle in ways that normal humans can never hope to understand. And hey, the character designs in that game are fantastic, so why not? Sure, Azur Lane is on the scene now, but what about pedigree, people? Anyway, ebiblue’s probably most famous from the U GOT THAT music video.

You wouldn’t stop her from spitting on you.


Lastly is Korean artist jorin. He doesn’t work exclusively in gesugao territory but he definitely has a penchant for it. His art is also a bit more varied than ebiblue’s KanColle obsession and 40haras dedication to his runaway hit Iyapan series. Variety is the spice if life and if the Koreans are going to bring the spice, then that’s great. All are welcome under the umbrella of perversion, just don’t be fucking weird about it. Anyway, since jorin is a bit less well-known I’ll link his pixiv and his art blog as well.

Let’s post some of his art and ignore that he lists his occupation as “high school student.”

Nice pits.