The Deep Mysteries of Thicc Captain America

Marvel’s various comic heroes have penetrated the world’s awareness thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But some artists loved them before they were that famous.

Now, before I go too deep, I want to give a shout out to a doujin done by the circle EROQUIS!, whose artist is Butcha-U. HameComi! The Ahengers is clearly made by guys who properly appreciate comics with some fantastic deep cut characters.

Anyway, we were talking about the big names. Captain America in particular. And like EROQUIS!, the artist here has a passion for the comics. For some reason, baby got back. So let’s look into that.


Now, I would be remiss if I left out that there was a classic Captain America version from the artist of all of these books from 2011 and the outfit you see here is from the post-resurrection Super Soldier miniseries that ran in 2010. The artist in question is Momose Sei and the first book in the THICC Super Soldier series was from Comiket 82 called PRIDE AUCTION.

It’s translated so I’ll let you enjoy the bulk of it yourself, but the general overview is that Cap’s been kidnapped and they’re selling his Super Soldier Sperm to the highest bidder, but to take part in the auction you have to make him cum. So… you know… weird entry regulations, but I’m not an auctioneer so maybe it’s fine. It does play host to easily one of my favorite lines said about a man in a doujinshi, though. “Those are some giant nipples you’ve been hiding.” Glorious.

Come on, get down with the thiccness.


MOB from Comiket 84 is the second in the thiccfest. Like its brother before it, it is VERY gay. This sort of thing just runs in the family. Again, I feel like it’s very much important that I mention here that this is just one among many, many Captain America themed doujin that this artist has done. He has some super soldier/classic cap crossover stuff. Just… tons. The vast majority of it isn’t online anywhere I could find but it exists.

MOB, also translated, starts out with Cap making excuses to Sharon Carter for not coming back home. Why? Well… he’s got to fuck a morbidly obese guy. Gonna go ahead and assume this is Wilson Fisk based on the information at hand, though it’s never explicitly stated in the story. Still, it’s nice to see we’re working complex emotional relationships into Cap completely losing to the dick.

A classically heroic pose.


And here you were thinking it was all going to be gay shit. Silly dumb-dumb. Of course it’s not all going to be gay. I mean, come on. Sharon Carter’s right there in the picture and Steve loves the cock. DOMINA from Comiket 87 touches on the relaxing home life the two enjoy.

This one’s not translated but there’s really not enough going on here to justify the translation. And obviously it’s not gay enough for the gay scanslators to gay translate it into gay English. Really though, aside from some romantic heterosexual anal fingering, there’s VERY little to write home about. Steve has apparently also gotten a nippleplasty in the meantime because those man titties are much more restrained in that department.

100% Not Gay.

All-in-all, I find myself thoroughly unconvinced that Steve Rogers ever punched Hitler in this particular universe. Too much blushing and consensual anal sex with the bad guys.

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1 year ago

Captain America always did disappoint me. This is no surprise.

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