Denki Musou Hana

I forgot to write a new description for this episode because, frankly, I was trying to avoid having to talk about it. Denki Musou Hana is another one of those scrapes at the bottom of the barrel that make me genuinely confused as to how they got made. I’m not sure how it’s for, even though I was so excited for a uniquely styled cyberpunk type of show based on advertising material.

The lies. SO MANY LIES!

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It’s official. This is the worst hentai ever made. The idea of anything even lazier and poorly made than this horrifies me. At least Queen Bee puts in the effort to trace over panels. On another note, it has a MAL score of 5.01 and no reviews or comments in the forums. Which makes me think that all attempts to watch it lead to people’s faces melting off like in Indiana Jones.


I find this difficult to masturbate to.


Uh… I don’t even know…

Maybe a billionaire had a retarded son that wanted to direct a hentai and many many many strings were pulled to put him into that position.

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