My Birthday Doujin Nightmare

Hey! It’s my birthday soon! So I was thinking, why not highlight some of the absolute best single pages of doujinshi featuring characters giving birth that I’ve ever seen?

I think we all agree that’s the best way to celebrate the miracle of life and so I’m going to do it. Also, I accept birthday gifts in the form of money and links to weird porn. Whichever fits your budget better.

OKAY! Let’s get intimate with the act of shitting out babies.

Ore no Yome wa Omae no Yome!

This doujin by Fujimon†explores the fine, ancient art of removing babies from the womb via the anus. It’s a dying art form, but accessible pieces like this will help keep it alive.

Same, little baby. Same.


In MSL/A/K from Noguchi Masatsu, we see Code Geass’s Karen going for a more traditional birth. Something a bit more invasive, but it’s entirely vegan. Her nipples pay a dear price for her environmentalism, however.

Must be stuck in there with glue or somethin’.

Youjinbou Otaku Matsuri 8

Youjinbou Otaku Matsuri 8 aims to make clear the society dangers of fertility drugs. Heed Yamaura Shou’s warnings and may he rest in peace assuming Japanese Wikipedia is correct.


Udonge Shussan Yakubutsu Choukyou

A lot of questions about Rabbit Girl anatomy and genetics get answered in this Touhou book by Kokutou Nikke, even if you didn’t really want them to be.

I wasn’t sure it was people until the feet.

Inran Danchizuma no Nichijou

About 90% of this book could go here. You really need to go look at it. I don’t know if the word masterpiece really captures what Kurokawa Ryuu has created here.

A sense of confused joy and pride, like when your kid says he’s the best gay porn star in town.

Hadakahime Honoka 2

I know what you’re thinking, idiot. “Onii-chan! Most of these artists are kind of bad at drawing. THAT must be it.” Well, idiot, that’s where you’re wrong. 774 (Nanashi)†is the extremely talented artist of Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san and look what he’s done. He blew it up.

You finally, really did it. YOU MANIACS!

Mushi Asobi

Mushi Asobi by†Chiba Tetsutarou answers the age old question “What if I gave birth to a deformed half-human, half-insect product of a semi-consensual relationship with a horny praying mantis?” The answer is that, within hours of giving birth, you would suck its dick. This is a proper fucking eromanga, by the way. Someone published it. The west is way behind, culturally.

Oedipus was a fucking amateur.
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1 year ago
1 year ago

And people wonder why we think normal porn is boring. This shit is just straight up fascinating.

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