Onii-chan Theatre: Yule 2018 Day Two

Fairies are neat, right? Everyone likes fairies. And if you treat them right, surely Odin will bless your year. The closest you get to fairies in the Norse world are elves though, depending on the source. But still, the Allfather would probably approve of this one. She seems pretty chill.

Share the love, guys. It’s the Yuletide.

Fairy Forest Remi-chan ⊲ Show
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1 year ago

I’ve seen this before. You can imagine my frustration when back in the day there wasn’t all that much loli content available and this is the kind of show I had to fap to. Imagine. I FAPPED TO MOSQUITOES GODDAMNIT!

This episode dredged up another bad loli memory of mine. Have you ever seen Harumi-chan no Oita (2001)? It’s about as terrible as this one. If you need another bad hentai to watch, that’s my recommendation.

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