Onii-chan Radio #37: Censors, Censors, Everywhere

A new podcast with lots of promises of other episodes for other things. I’ll do them! Don’t tell me I won’t!

Thanks to John and Niwa for the questions. I rambled because it’s what I do, but I answered them. Enjoy the podcast, though. Do it. Don’t not do it.

OH And his name is Astolfo. I fucking forgot that big time. Muh weeb card, tho.

0:00 – Intro
1:29 – Complaints over “Moe” covers to children’s books in Japan
11:29 – Grimes Gets The Loli Hate Wave
24:07 – Sony Forcing Censorship, Bans Companies From Mentioning It
31:30 – Tumblr Goes Apeshit
32:49 – China Jails Writer Over Yaoi Novel, Raises Reward For Porn Reporters
41:28 – Korea Strengthens Anime and Internet Regulations
46:00 – Japanese Sexual Survey
1:00:32 – Valve Bans Loli Games from Steam
1:05:20 – Ask Onii-chan: Ahegao from John
1:11:19 – Ask Onii-chan: Traps from Niwa

Rubblebucket – Came Out of a Lady ?Song
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1 year ago

Listening to this episode is making me feel like the fight to defend otaku related free speech is a hopeless one.

1 year ago

Well I for one tend to like ahegao. Not so much because of the dumb face but I like the idea of a chick (or anyone I guess) just sort of giving up on anything not related to sex. Like for example if you have a scene with a career woman who goes ahegao in front of her colleges and brings shame upon herself it sort of suggests that she is getting it so good that she doesn’t really care about sacrificing everything she’s worked for up to that point if it means gettin more o that dick. You sort… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Onii-chan

Can’t wait for the Yule tide. Godspeed sir Wombat.

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