Onii-chan Theatre: Thankful For Ambien

Mary Jane coming to the plate for Week 2 of Thankful Month! The animation quality here is amazing so I’m glad I managed to make an episode out of Oyasumi Sex.

Onward we go, friends. Share shit so I can grow the site. Do it.

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I can’t imagine this guy not drugging her to be able to accomplish this. It’s just wrong. By the way there was a hentai made of this recently https://nhentai.net/g/107965/. You should check it out.


They had this plot in sukide sukide sukide too, except it actually made sense there because she knew her onii-chan was gonna rape her and pretended to be asleep, and he found out she was faking it pretty quickly and started messing with her to see how far she’d take it. It ended up being a pretty believable story. This one however… well it’s pretty much dumb sukide sukide sukide.

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