Onii-chan Radio #36: A Great Time In The West

Yeehaw howdy, pardners!

Get it? Because the west? Glad you’re all on board. This one is a little longer and hey! That’s alright! It really depends on what there is to talk about, which varies.

Thanks for the questions Pancakes and Niwa. Ask me something yourself for the next podcast.

And hey! Share the site. IT HELPS.

0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Fan Translation Eroge Releases
4:48 – Sony Makes Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Remove Intimacy Features
12:27 – Gab.ai Bans Loli
33:16 – Goblin Slayer Rape Nontroversy
43:51 – The Crunchy Roll Problem
57:40 – Ask: Niwa on Activists
1:14:33 – Ask: Pancakes on Depression
1:49:09 – Ask: Pancakes on Fred Gallagher/Megatokyo

Tim Fite – Getting By ?Song
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1 year ago

The gab.ai banning loli thing doesn’t really shock me given all the pedo panic that’s been going on with right-wing types as of late. Have you seen them flip their shit over Big Mouth? It’s hysterical because it’s a shitty show with a terrible art style that’s only getting attention because right-wing puritans think it’s sexualizing children and normalizing pedophilia and all this other dumb bullshit. The fact that politics has turned into an Us Vs. Them thing frustrates me greatly due to how petty it was. I remember talking with friends a few days ago on the NPC meme… Read more »

Reply to  Onii-chan
1 year ago

I don’t disagree that people shouldn’t lie about their situations. What I was trying to get at, is that people have a tendency to be more concerned with dropping the “hard truth bombs” rather than helping people. Telling someone whose unhappy with life that their life sucks doesn’t do anything to change their situation. I do get that actually helping people is a lot of work that most people don’t have the time for and that’s why therapists are a thing. But just going “Life sucks, get over it” does nothing for someone’s well being. I’ll admit this is kind… Read more »

1 year ago

The idea of being an activist just seems god awful to me. You pretty much just stand in judgement of other people’s politics which makes everyone feel uncomfortable. No way I’m doing that, I’ll avoid any confrontation. Plus it just seems ineffectual, even if I was good at it. There are so many people that are just too far gone and can’t be persuaded to save their life, sometimes literally to save their life. I’d rather just look for a better way of convincing people. Thanks for the advice on depression. I’ll incorporate it into the way I act towards… Read more »

Reply to  Onii-chan
1 year ago

I think a reason why activists are so inflammatory today as opposed to yesterday is because in today’s internet culture you get a lot of credit with your crowd when you pwn the opposition. There’s a lot of entertainment to be had by attacking rather than discussing. Building bridges doesn’t get nearly as much attention. But I really enjoy when people can come together and figure out ways to compromise on solutions. Or at least discuss their differing political positions. I mean I enjoy the pwnage to a degree, and it can even be useful when mocking really bad ideas… Read more »

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