The Erodoujin of Yanagida Fumita (Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko)

Well, hey, since Tomo-chan was Onnanoko (or Onna no Ko, if you want to be that guy) is coming to an end soon, I thought it’d be great to take a look at some of the doujin work of the creator of that series, Yanagida Fumita.

It’s not uncommon at all for even major manga artists to produce, or come from, the doujinshi scene. Rikudou Koushi is one of my personal favorites on that front and I’m sure we’ll get around to him on here at some point. Some tend to stop work on erodoujin once they make it big in the manga world, and while Tomo-chan might not be to those heights, Fumita doesn’t seem to have released anything since 2015 or so on his pixiv (and that was a repost of Gotsugou Soukan, which is from 2013-ish). Maybe he’ll get back to it after Tomo-chan.

Oh, and I’ll be skipping his four or so rape doujin because those are legitimately some of the most boring things I’ve ever read. The art is good if you’re into the genre though. The lamia one is good for a chuckle as well.

Kimi wo Taosu to Kokoro ni Kimeta!!

Waste of minutes, honestly.

Kimi wo Taosu to Kokoro ni Kimeta!! is a role-reversal story. Mizusawa bullied Tomoyuki in middle school, but now that they’re in high school he’s teasing her. But with his penis, though. Fun fact: Ameri-chan from this doujin actually gets raped in a different doujin. Small world, huh?!

I’ll glide over the story as I tend to do with these since it’s better to read this little one shot on its own, I think. Essentially, Mizusawa has trouble being honest about her feelings and Tomoyuki helps her out. There are some great moments in this book and it’s a really charming little story. While the art is maybe a little on the rough-side and the erotic material is pretty far in the back seat, it’s still a good read. I wouldn’t necessarily go into this one thinking about jerking off, but just to read a nice little vignette of an interesting relationship.

How blindfolds work.

Honestly, there’s really very little porn in this. You could probably push it out on one of the more titty-forward books like Young Champion or Weekly Young Magazine without much in the way of editing at all. Though it would need to get cleaned up pretty thoroughly. Like a lot of Yanagida’s better doujin it’s pretty rough. Weird how his rape stories end up with the higher quality, full color art.

Gotsugou Soukan

Best use of condoms in a doujin.

Gotsugou Soukan, like Yangida’s other loli doujin, has a bit more depth to it than a lot of the other doujin he’s done, including Kimi wo Taosu. They aim to tell slightly darker stories and in the case of Gotsugou Soukan, I think it does that fairly well.

The story is of a once obnoxious, spiteful little girl who ran off with her older boyfriend only to be returned home in a state of disuse. Raped and abused, she turns into herself and doesn’t leave the house. The mother leaves all day on the weekends to escape the stress and it’s up to the older brother to see to her. But with his penis, though. Okay, that joke is maybe selling the narrative a bit short but I couldn’t resist the urge. I’ll leave the story description there to entice you to go give it a read and move on to reviewing the product itself.

Actual porn in this one.

Again, Yanagida’s not exactly treading new ground with any of these ideas. The plot points are very much well-tread subject matter for the loli genre, but there’s a feel to the story that really speaks to Yanagida’s ability to capture character well. The pacing is well done, like with Kimi wo Taosu, and it handles multiple moods well without one stepping on the other or undercutting it. This sort of writing honestly takes something of a deft hand at storytelling and that has very much served Yanagida well in his work on Tomo-chan. The art is once again a bit below par, though this time he apologizes for that at the end, saying he at least put in a lot of love.

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1 year ago

Don’t rape the lolis. Love the lolis. But with your penis, though.

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