Onii-chan Radio #35: A Bad Influence

It’s time again for Onii-chan Radio.

A few simple things this time, including some talk about video games and meme laws and net neutrality. Not droning about those. I also talk a little bit about loli and Melonpan’s brush with customs. It ended up being more or less the normal length in spite of my thinking I wasn’t going to be able to ramble for so long without killing myself. Still, we’ll see if I do. This B12 shit just won’t leave me alone. Ah well! Porn ramblings until I die, I say!

Oh! And I looked into it. There are erotic cave drawings. You’re welcome.

0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Melonpan Gets His Porn Seized By Customs
12:48 – Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Impressions
26:58 – California Passes Net Neutrality Law
29:06 – Europe Hates Meme, Passes Anti-Meme Law To Kill Memes?
34:43 – Steam’s First Uncensored Adult Game (Negligee: Love Stories) Gets Approved
41:23 – Eroge Maker Mink Going Out of Business
46:13 – Ask Onii-chan

Thanks Evans for the question. Send more, people. They give me shit to talk about. Send nudes. Send money. That is all. Thank you.

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1 year ago

Good on Melopan for not getting into too much trouble over his porn. I know European countries in general have been harsh on loli content in general, so I’m happy nothing too bad happened to him. I’ve heard so much different things about Net Neutrality that I can’t really comment on it. That said, I’ve noticed this problem among politics were people are getting super tribal. I hang around with more anti-SJW kind of people and it seems to be a unanimous opinion among them that Net Neutrality is bad, and it just feels…I dunno, circle-jerky, I guess? I don’t… Read more »

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