Onii-chan Theatre: The Dangers Of Friendly Fire

As a man, you learn the dangers of how you aim your cock when you’re about to fire off a load. Our tragic hero, however, seems to have no concern over the direction of anyone’s jism and he suffers for it.

Toushin Toshi II is a bit of a scattershot hentai, but it’s a Pink Pineapple/Alice Soft classic and the opening scene is fantastic. The rest? Basically incoherent.

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Theres something really special about 90s animation. And I mean special in the retarded sense. They must have made womens clothes out of paper back in the day. Not only because we saw them get torn off so easily, but also because they seem to have replacement dresses to slip into after theyre done getting casually raped. Hey do you think thats why theyre called cocktail waitresses? Because theyre there to suck cock and provide tail?


These theatre’s are the best things that ever existed. Holy fuck if anyone watching isn’t on patreon go now and give a dollar or more.


Can’t say I’m a fan of the blonde’s bulimic physique.

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