Onii-chan Radio #34: Wasted Effort Everywhere

A return for Onii-chan Radio. Been a while since I did one of these, as was often the case, Ask Onii-chan is rolled into this one, so thanks for the questions, they’re in there are the end.

A reasonably wide range of topics this time, starting with Granblue Fantasy and its troubled LoveLive crossover. It was good for some laughs, honestly. Pixiv hid some loli posts, Huniepop made the mistake of talking on the internet, I’m play Hapymaher and MORE! Why am I writing this? Search Engine optimizations, friends. I need those hits.

0:00 – Intro
1:21 – Granblue Fantasy/LoveLive Crossover Drama
10:09 – Pixiv Hides An Artist’s Loli Posts
20:13 – HuniePop 2 Trap Controversy
30:10 – Hapymaher First Impressions
37:11 – Ask Onii-chan

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My only thoughts on the whole LoveLive/Granblue Fantasy thing is that Love Live is inferior Idolmaster. That Pixiv incident, while I’m glad the website isn’t banning loli, is still concerning. There’s been discussion of Japan being pressured by other countries to ban loli and I really hope they don’t do it. I’m sick and tired of the anti-loli people winning. I’ve only played a little of Hunie Pop and Hunie-Cam Studio, but it amazes me how emotionally bent out of shape people can get over dumb porn games. I have an interest in making VNs/Eroge someday but I don’t want… Read more »


If only you could just 80’s montage through all that learning bullshit and get to the fun part, eh? Easier said than done I suppose. I have trouble with that whole “putting in the work” thing too.


I can support the reasoning behind your answer to my question. To be honest the only Queen Bee series I like is Ikkyuu Nyuukon. The art style makes up for the poor animation in my opinion.


I like when the questions are rolled into onii chan radio. Less clicking involved, which normally isn’t a concern but when I’m on my phone at work with greasy food gloves on… it tends to help! Keeps my phone less greasy too. The only thing I don’t like about the Pixiv loli story is how the guy who got 70% of his portfolio hidden is just kind of screwed now. It doesn’t really hurt loli lovers as a whole but to that guy it’s terrible. I hate it when people get caught in the shining wire that is the internet’s… Read more »


What’s the source of the artwork that you used for this? Could you maybe add the source for further podcasts ?


What’s also the source for these default profile pictures? If it were a Nukige I would love to play it!


Oh wait I recognise this artwork I’ts a fanart from darling in the franxx and zerotwo is on a wooden-horse in the background


Oh wait sorry You already did that it’s an URL link next to header didn’t see it

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