Ask Onii-chan: Writing and Free Speech

Heady discussions of writing, loli, free speech, and the social pressures around those ideas in my glorious return to form. That form being an indolent porn lover with a microphone.

Also a small talk about the American hentai/anime industry and my actual disdain for it by way of a question about where I get my content.

Thanks to everyone who asked stuff (Niwa, Evans, Caleb, Pancakes, and John). Please hit the Ask Onii-chan form and ask whatever you’d like. I’ll do my best to answer anything.

Header: @kwimkt05
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2 years ago

Thanks for your answers. I feel like I have a degree from Harvard now.

2 years ago

Hey Onii-chan, thanks for answering my question, it was a lot of fun to listen to. I know it was long but it was my first time doing an Ask Onii-chan and I got overzealous.

Anyway, I see that the podcast is not available for download anymore. Is it intentional? Also, I detect a lack of intros and outros. I hope you’re doing it because of those party poopers who couldn’t shut up and skip them.

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