Onii-chan Theatre: Rapist Outreach

THIS TIME! Baka na Imouto wo Rikou ni Suru no wa Ore no XX Dake na Ken ni Tsuite. Yep, I didn’t try saying it. Why should I? I’ve got better things to do with my time. I don’t care anymore.

Thanks, Phil Collins. You helped me fill out this post box. I owe you one, if you’re reading this. Get divorced again, Phil. It made your music good.

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1 year ago

Collaboration works loves just cutting their background budget entirely in their hentai. I swear they’ve done it in every release since Eroge! H mo game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai episode 4, and that probably only got backgrounds because they were copying a nukige.

Anyway, another titty monster has been set loose on the world. We sent a rookie onii-chan in and now we’re paying the price. Her bouncing breasts will crush us all!

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