New Layout and Minor Health Updates

Hey, gays!

I decided that I was sick of the janky current state of the site so I decided it was high time I went and did a new theme. Or at least, edited the parts of the theme that weren’t serving their purposes as cleanly as I felt they could.

So, in spite of being crippled by B12 deficiency, I’ve updated thing! Hope you dig ’em. If you see any issues, comment here or hit me up on the Discord.

ALSO! Just some updates on my health. The B12 thing is hitting me a bit harder than I had expected and some days I’m really struggling to get much of anything done with how dizzy and weird it ends up making me feel. I’ll keep from going into too much detail about it for the time being since these shots I’m getting are supposed to help out, but I’ll keep Theatre’s going and I’d like to do another Radio at some point soon.

Alright! That’s all for now. Link me some good porn or something.

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