Onii-chan no Game: Otaku’s Fantasy Part 4

The conclusion to a game that’s really taken us to some fantastic places. I powered through my crippling medical issues to bring the story to a conclusion.

If you know of any horribly translated or funny/surprising visual novels that might be worth a play, send them over. Shorter ones are preferred.

Check out the Patreon link in the sidebar to support the site. Please. DEAR GOD PLEASE. I’M DYING. OF B12 DEFICIENCY! UNTIL I GET SOME SHOTS!

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1 year ago

Even though I was on the Stream, it didn’t immediately come to mind, but Water Closet The Forbidden Chamber is pretty hilariously awful. There’s a part of me that does want to not recommend it because it has scat, but fuck it. There was already poopy in this game, so what more does it matter at this point?

1 year ago

Thanks onii-chan. All this porn is great for getting through my work day.

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