Onii-chan Theatre: Theme Parks Have Changed

Well, you know, this one turned out okay. I thought it was short, but then I checked the time and, honestly, it was decent.

I guess time flies when you’re trying to understand the business plan of an ambitious new theme park.

Honestly, thiccboi was a highlight.

ALSO! Turns out Mizuryuu Kei is the artist behind it. Check his stuff out: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=mizuryuu_kei

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2 years ago

Either you’re picking utterly absurd shows on purpose or Japan is gradually going insane with every passing moment.

2 years ago

I think the idea was to make the boys more girlish so you could get like 1.5 girls in a scene instead of just 1. Don’t tell me that they can just use futa because that would completely destroy my argument.

2 years ago

To be fair. Its just an amusement park where the attractions are either female or boy sexy things. Want to screw the attendant? check her body for the allowed to do tags and if she has the right one? go for it!

and yeah. Clothes need to be changed when entering this amusement park, all for ease of acceess XD

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