Onii-chan Theatre: Goddamn Shapeshifters 5

Welp, we’re back.

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If not, hey, enjoy the show

I said the title of this one in the opening and I already forgot what it was.

It was a pretty good one, though. A sleeper hit. Please respect your control sticks.

Also, after credits sequence.

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5 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: Goddamn Shapeshifters

  • Niwa

    Holy shit I wasn’t aware this was a thing that exists. Time to binge I guess.

    (On another note, I noticed in the credits that the name of the guy from Grampus Part 1 is literally named “Boku”. How lazy can you get?

  • SJE

    What does Grampus even mean…?

    In any case, the level of absurdity of this show is off the charts. It made for a good laugh, but I just can’t imagine how anyone could watch this seriously. I know we say this in every episode but this one takes the cake.

    • Onii-chan Post author

      I honestly thought it started out super generic and I was worried. But hey! You know, it really came into its own. The bits at the end which showed how they just basically traced the manga were pretty great at explaining the whole look.

  • pancakesguy

    Queen Bee never disappoints. My favorite face was the one at 11:00. If I were the one talking to her I’d be worried that she was going to lunge at me and bite my nose off.