Onii-chan Theatre: Goddamn Shapeshifters

Welp, we’re back.

The Patreon’s up. Check it out and maybe contribute if you can:


If not, hey, enjoy the show

I said the title of this one in the opening and I already forgot what it was.

It was a pretty good one, though. A sleeper hit. Please respect your control sticks.

Also, after credits sequence.

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2 years ago

Holy shit I wasn’t aware this was a thing that exists. Time to binge I guess.

(On another note, I noticed in the credits that the name of the guy from Grampus Part 1 is literally named “Boku”. How lazy can you get?

2 years ago

What does Grampus even mean…?

In any case, the level of absurdity of this show is off the charts. It made for a good laugh, but I just can’t imagine how anyone could watch this seriously. I know we say this in every episode but this one takes the cake.

2 years ago

Queen Bee never disappoints. My favorite face was the one at 11:00. If I were the one talking to her I’d be worried that she was going to lunge at me and bite my nose off.

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