Hello sir or madam,

I re-added the Ask Onii-chan mail form. You can send me questions again, just like the old days. People tend to send hentai/fetish questions and shit like that, but ask literally whatever you want and once I get a couple, I’ll dump them into a podcast type thing and answer them. If submissions are slow, I might answer them in a bit more timely manner in text posts.

EDIT: If you’re not American, you can comment now. I accidentally left some things running that shouldn’t have been.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Onii-chan’s Back Open

  • SJE

    I never thought I’d see the light of this day. The famous Ask Onii-chan from back when I was a boy (18+ I swear) and too young to know any better. I speak in behalf of the whole second generation of depraved! That being said, I can’t wait to send a very formal inquiry about literature and writing in verse.