I’m Back. And There’s a Patreon.

Beggars, right?

Bunch of cunts, if you ask me.

Check out my Patreon for more thoughts on this subject: https://www.patreon.com/digiwombat

Alright, with that joke out of the way… Onii-chan’s never been the begging kind. You guys know that. I’ve never once put ads on this site. I never will. But I want to talk about the stuff I used to talk about on here. I want to be free to discuss the things that feel like they’ve become taboo again. Or things that aren’t being talked about in a frank, honest manner.

A lot of it is self-serving talk meant to prop up things people already agree with without proper consideration and as a pervert, I won’t stand for it. Proper consideration is how we understand who we are.

As such, here I am. Starting a Patreon. Planning Onii-chan Theatre episodes. Doing all that stuff. And if you want to help, please do. I posted a content schedule over at the Patreon. I’ll be doing this stuff alongside my Twitch streaming and game reviews (when appropriate). And I’m in the process of setting up a server so I can play visual novels and other not-easy-to-broadcast games and stream them direct from OCnE. We’ll see if I can get it worked out.

I’d like to get podcasts back in as well. We’ll work on it.