Watch Me On Twitch

Hey guys, a link first.

And then a little update, because those are fun. I will never forget OCnE. So don’t worry about that. Problem is, rent costs money and I can’t monetize OCnE in any way due to the nature of the stuff on the site and everything.

SO! I’m streaming on Twitch. If you dig video games, come over, hang out. It’s mostly PUBG (AT THE MOMENT), but I’ll be playing all sorts of shit (Nekopara, stuff I’ll make fun of, all that) so come on over and watch.

When my financial situation is a bit more stable and I have free time, I’ll get back to making Onii-chan Theatre videos and stuff. THAT’S A PROMISE! ONII-CHAN IS IMMORTAL, AFTER ALL! HA-HA-HA-HA!

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