Onii-chan Theatre: No Really, It’s A Boy

Well, it looks like we’re entering a new era of animation. One that requires very little work but still churns out a product. High quality? No. But a product nonetheless.

Fun Fact: This anime is based on an old Zappa Go and Po-ju doujin.

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The animated equivalent of rubbing two cardboard cutouts together. Next week I’m betting we’re going to get a slideshow with moaning on loop.


This could be one of those picture books with the tabs you pull to make certain parts move back and forth. You know, for kids!

I was a bit disappointed that the boy wasn’t a girl cross dressing as a boy. I thought I had it nailed, but no it was just a really girly boy. And then I guess the animators made the girl pretty manly to compensate. I also enjoyed how she was both an elf and a catgirl. I feel like that could be a magic card. Elvish Neko.

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