4 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: What Could Have Been

  • ralloff

    Pink Pineapple really looking to push the boundaries hentai x-ray shot technology; especially with that x-ray nipple lick. Very sad they didn’t show the donger in the ultrasound tho.

  • Ellie B.

    Tried using “ask oniichan,” but saw that wasn’t working anymore…

    So are all these updates going to become regular, or are you dumping out a lot of posts because you are bored/unemployed?

    • Onii-chan Post author

      I feel like you are accusing your onii-chan of something pretty heinous there. Like you’re suggesting that your onii-chan is unemployed and would abandon you and not smell your CUTELITTLEPANTIES until he collapses.

      Okay that’s enough of that shit.

      Updates are going to be regular. I am focused on doing video stuff, so it makes it pretty easy to slide them in. I will get the Ask page fixed at some point, when I am ready for takin’ questions. Right now, all I really have time for is the Theatre bits, due to the YouTube side of things taking up a good deal of time. I can’t really monetize OCnE in a meaningful way so I’m trying to build a YT following.

      Either way, I’ll do my best to get the Radio and Ask Onii-chan segments back up and running. And hopefully I can scrape in enough money to keep having the free time to do OCnE stuff.

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