Onii-chan Theatre: Chopper Sex News

Okay, full disclosure on this one. I fucked up the first three minutes due to a settings error. Blame the internet. Not my fault.

Anyway, this time it’s Hitozuma Koukan Nikki that comes under the guns. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

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I have a few pairs of panties with bows. :3 If the bows aren’t too big, then they don’t really get in the way of anything.

Also I wonder what it’s like to orgasm so hard that you bust a monitor with your freakin’ head. I was almost kind of impressed by that.


See I”m just not sure in general if most of these artists, y’know, know what a woman’s face is supposed to look like? I mean they CLEARLY don’t know what their body is supposed to look like, but you’d figure they’d have seen a woman’s face a couple times before. Also, do you have to use the r-word so often?

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