4 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: Chopper Sex News

  • Mal

    I have a few pairs of panties with bows. :3 If the bows aren’t too big, then they don’t really get in the way of anything.

    Also I wonder what it’s like to orgasm so hard that you bust a monitor with your freakin’ head. I was almost kind of impressed by that.

    • Onii-chan Post author

      I still don’t understand them. You can’t untie them so it’s not like a wrapping on a little present. I’ve seen those fancy underpants girls wear in the pornos that have bows on the back and those get caught all the time.

      As to the orgasm, I’m not convinced the smashing-head-into-screen thing was entirely related to it so much as just part of the general “vibe” he was going for. That whole “mentally unstable meth addict” deal.

      Also, how did that creepo marry that domestic goddess? Maybe because her face was melting. Who knows.

  • Luke

    See I”m just not sure in general if most of these artists, y’know, know what a woman’s face is supposed to look like? I mean they CLEARLY don’t know what their body is supposed to look like, but you’d figure they’d have seen a woman’s face a couple times before. Also, do you have to use the r-word so often?

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