Onii-chan Theatre: No One Even Smelled It 13

Maybe I fucking suck at this now. Who knows? Well, whatever, let’s find out, eh? It’s been four fucking years, people. What is my life even like?

As an aside, finding actual horror hentai has proved to be nigh on fucking impossible. It’s all mind-break bullshit. So much for a spooktacular Halloween.

13 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: No One Even Smelled It

  • RNDLurker

    Ha! I knew continuing to check on this site once a month for the last 4 years might payoff! Don’t die again on us.

    • Onii-chan Post author

      lol. Of course, man. I said I was gonna so I don’t know why anyone would ever not believe me.

      Gonna try to do once a week. Be sure to hit my YouTube as well (cross beggggggg!!!!). Same idea but with video games.

    • Onii-chan Post author

      Hemi’s site had been outright hacked by some like… Syrian group, and I think m3rrys was just showing a blank page, so I turned them into redirects to this page since I assume they weren’t being used anymore (newest posts were from early 2014).

      If they ARE still alive and using them, I am always on Twitter or in IRC. Basically just did redirects to keep the site safer in general. The data is all still there on the backend.

  • JE

    So I find out the site’s up and running again by checking the “discussion” section of your youtube channel. I see new content. A new skin. Never thought I’d see the light of this day. This calls for a change. To celebrate, you know. Maybe tomorrow morning I won’t press the snooze button of my alarm clock… yeah!

    So I see the quality hasn’t changed! I can’t wait for a new Onii-chan Radio episode (you’re planning on recording some right?)

  • Jun

    I found out about your latest blog updates through one of your recent tweets and listened to the latest oniichan radio after watching this, only to realize that it was an old one 2 hours in and I most likely already listened to it 4 years ago. ^^; Still good stuff though. :)

    • Onii-chan Post author

      I want to get back around to Onii-chan Radio at some point but maaaaaan, trying to find money to keep my not-doing-real-adult-work habit going is rough.


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