Onii-chan Radio: Don’t Call It A Comeback 15

OH MAN! It’s been a while, eh ladies? God, this fucking podcast is so long that I don’t even know what to write about it. I cover a lot of shit in this and I’m going to basically consider it my Christianity podcast as well since a large chunk towards the beginning is dedicated to that. OTHERWISE! It’s more of the normal Radio goodness. Hope you guys dig it, now I’m going to eat some fucking food.

And yes, those are traps. I had to throw those pervs a bone eventually.

15 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Don’t Call It A Comeback

  • Wombat's Biggest Fan

    I have been waiting so long for this I thought you were dead thanks for finally getting around to doing this podcast. Was playing Cod MW3 and checked your site… needless to say i had to put down the game and listen to this.

    P.s. I know sc2 is an amazing game but put it down once in awhile and update your site please :P

  • Jacob

    Well that was a great ending for the day in my time zone ;] Also a really great thing to wake up to and to anticipate after coming home and relaxing, really great energy dude. As always, it gives me great pleasure to listen to you.

    By the by, I sent ya that first pack of stuff regarding Christianity. Glad you found it helpful, even though you got hammered on religion throughout the entire podcast – thanks for having the stamina and desire to talk about that still! :) Oh yeah, and the questions about Poland were also mine, I’ll post my name from now on, just in case

    Um, so this was Jacob.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Biggest Fan:
    Yeah, I have been trying to get some downtime from esports to do more stuff like this. Writing has been taking up a pretty decent chunk of time lately as well. Thanks for stickin’ around. :D

    It’s fine for comments, it’s just Thunderbird decided to stop showing reply-to at some point. I think it might be an add-on I’m using. BUT YEAH!

    Thanks for all the questions! Helped keep me on track about stuff. Even though it probably wasn’t as organized as I would have liked (so there were things I didn’t go over about specific points and stuff), I hopefully got some good religion stuff out there. Thanks especially for the notes about comparing it to Norse/Celtic religions as that’s one I know I’d have forgotten on my own. :D

  • Jacob

    Ha! :) Well, I basically started going deeper into those pantheons because of your previous emphasis that they’re important stuff to know from the mythological cellar, so yeah… they are intoxicating, aren’t they? ;]
    I also have to say this again, but it really shows, in this episode especially, that you have these like reserves of solid positive energy which is totally great. It’s definitely something that lingers even after the episode itself has ended :D

  • kgods

    As an atheist and someone who never was indoctrinated with religion, I found this an enjoyable and an interesting way to look at things. You seem to mirror Dawkins’ arguments about it being a meme that propagates through impressionable minds. You are “programmed” (for lack of a better term) to believe what your parents tell you. This is clearly an evolutionary concept to sustain safety and promote survival. As you said though, it’s also an easy way ‘in’ for whatever nonsensical things your caretakers might suggest.

  • Dolphinmaster

    As someone who was a churchgoer for 2 years , used to read the bible every night and also has read up about the historical Jesus through Bart Ehrman. I still found this very informative, great podcast overall.

  • yuki

    OLIVER! sweet.

    I sent that question in the middle of social studies. lets just say i’ve graduated since then. been a while man, glad your not dead!

  • Pedophobia

    Thanks a ton Oniichan! Your podcasts are always fun and mentally stimulating, and its great to see you can still find the time to do this. Am gonna download the podcast to listen to later cuz im staying with my large christian family at the moment. Keep ’em comin!

  • kieran

    that was very informative. i agree with everything you are saying about religion. i have been thinking this way for a long time and im only 18 so i think im lucky i made this conclusion. thanks for answering my question. my parents were catholic when i grew up but my dad never pushed it even though he grew up in northern Ireland in the 60 and so on. i often use your reasons u stated to my best friend who happens to be a Jehovah witness if you can imagine how that is. anyways thanks very much and fuck thunder bird :)

  • Kenny

    Hi mate!
    So when are you publishing something new? I really like all of your stuff and I never laughed so hard at anything except for your theaters. In fact, I laughed so hard I even had teary eyes and had to grasp for air.
    Great stuff and keep it up!

  • anon

    When I heard you on solomid invitational I knew you sounded familiar. I love your videos, I saw your videos on hentaidreaming and I couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t abandon this site and keep casting you are amazing

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