Onii-chan Theatre: I Really Should Watch These First 21

Well… this one doesn’t go quite so well. That’s what happens when you take a random, generally crappy hentai and try to make something gold out of it. I mean, fuck sake, who wants to watch 26 minutes of people talking about nothing?! Fuck sake.

Ah well. It’s good times. Let’s make out instead of watching this. It’ll be way more fun.

21 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: I Really Should Watch These First

  • MrToaster

    Lol, what… exactly were those rusty nipples supposed to be?

    Anyways, I think this one turned out pretty good. Either way, a boring Onii-chan Theater is better than no Onii-chan Theater. Keep making them!

  • Re-l

    Learned a new word through your podcast:

    Coquette (coquettishly) – flirt; a woman who flirts lightheartedly with men to win their admiration and affection

  • yuki

    this is kinda sad in a way that this makes my Friday but FUCK BEING SOCIAL ima stay home and watch an animated porn with a guy talking in the background while eating instant Ramen because that’s.. just.. how.. I.. roll.

    keep it up onii >:D

  • Jacob

    Good times man, good times. Still, the guy had a sweet jacket on him. Gonna go buy one and find myself a nice cosplayin’ cafe with aproned ladies.

  • Mmella

    Have you ever thought about doing an Onii Chan Radio where you include some watchers into the conversation via Skype?
    I’m sure there are people who would love to directly interact with you such as I.

  • Ralloff

    I think the next show you do commentary for should be Princess Knight Catue. I can see you making it hilarious. (There’s pig rape man)

  • Des

    Nice to see that you`re still doing these :D
    Check out Exploding Tits BOMB (Bakunyuu BOMB) becaus of the most extreme tits movements :P

  • Noradic

    I don’t if anyone has told you this but your Onii Chan Theatres remind me of Mystery Space Theater 3000 except with hentai. Keep up the great work! Have you considered doing just riff trax for random hentai shows? That would be awesome!

  • Onii-chan Post author

    If there’s any dragon related sex around here, it’s me pounding dragons. BECAUSE!! Of various reasons.

    Don’t you worry guys. I’m just busy as cunts due to the lead up to Blizzcon and Long Beach Comic-Con. I had hoped to find time this past week to do one but I had a lot of comic-related stuff come up. Sorry!


  • locoSyndrome

    righto mate, hope you get some free time soon oh and i like the new logo or at least what you’ve done of it

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