Onii-chan Radio: Now With More Teens! 9

That’s right kids! Onii-chan Radios back! Now with more hot barely legal teens! Oh man, that’s going to attract all the wrong kinds of spam bots. … Ah well.

Finally got around to answering a month and a half worth of questions and buy howdy is my voice under duress. You guys… you guys and your questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS! WHY DO I DO THIS?! Oh well, send some more and we’ll do it all over again in a while. Good times.

Also, there’s no yuri, I just felt like clicking that category.

9 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Now With More Teens!

  • Saladin

    Great podcast as always, and still waiting for your religion podcast; im fucking dieing from wait for that one.

  • Jacob

    You seemed to be in high spirits during the podcast, despite all the relatively depressing issues you had to adress. Very motivating because of that. Thanks for all the recommendations, you da man!

    Btw, don’t know why the Ask Oniichan form didn’t include my username this time, but Grey Fox was me.

  • kgods

    Thanks for responding.

    I couldn’t agree more with the high school bits. Anyone that ever told you those would be the best years of your life needs to go under a cranial x-ray.

  • Agahnim

    Dude… amazing s**t here. Stuff about focus… just convinced me to stop being a pothead. Well done good sir.

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